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? about b./p
bigbearmurse posted:
I'm on Atenolol 50 mg twice a day, and later this evening my b/p was 992/84....when I laid down, I got dizzy and was concerned...I just rechecked my b/p and it was 130/75. That's not bad, but is my dosage kind of high? It's been an up and down yo yo and I'm frustrated! Anyone?
billh99 responded:
Note - no medical professional responds in this forum.

According to 50 to 100 mg of Atenolol is the standard dosage for high blood pressure. And it can be higher for treating heart problems.

this evening my b/p was 992/84.

That looks like a typo, but if it was 99/84 then you would only have 15 points of pulse pressure and that might be too low to make sure that blood is feeding all of the body.

Atenolol is a bets blocker and current recommendation are that beta blockers are not the best first choice for high BP and are only used if if other classes of BP meds don't work or not enough control.

However beta blockers can also be used if there are other heart concerns.

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask if maybe a different class of medicine might be better for you. The common classes of BP meds are diuretics, ACEihibitors/ABR, and calcium channel blockers.

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