malignant hypertension
cnewkirk posted:
just diagnosed with malignant hypertension 180/100 and put on meds info on meds says to limit alcohol how much is considered safe I usually have a margarita in the evening one of the ways i relax is this still safe to do
billh99 responded:
There are several classes of BP meds and within each class there are several varieties.

All have different different side effects and different reaction with other meds, food, and alcohol. So it is impossible to answer your question.

Your pharmacist, who knows exactly what you are taking, would be a better one to ask.
RuthinTN replied to billh99's response:
True, and in addition, if alcohol is OK, you'll probably have to cut back (or cut out) the salt on the rim. Yes, the taste is different, but you'll get used to it. Also, malignant hypertension is kind of an animal unto itself; that may make a difference, too.