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Blood Pressure Ups and Down, way up!
lille3shel posted:
My husband has been having uncontrollable high blood pressure for the last several years. At one time they thought it could be Malignant Hypertension but there have been randon times where it has been controlled for long ranges. He has had 8 stints put in to unblock arteries, they thought each time they made this fix it would solve things. Well it did but only for at the most weeks at a time. He ends up feeling his head pounding and he can tell the BP is up, way up! His numbers hit 210/140 at some points. So of course they get him in the hospital. He is on like 10 BP meds, nitris, all the goodies and he has an awesome cardiologist who I believe he knows his stuff. But he is even confused! He has had all kinds of tests to rule out any other problems. They have checked thyroid, liver, kidney, etc. On top of this he has a shoulder that is torn and needs surgery but keeps getting delayed cuz of the stints plus he has anxiety and panic problems. I don't think the pain and anxiety are the sole reasons for the spikes but they don't help. Any thoughts on this would be GREATLY appreciated!!
billh99 responded:
Have they checked his adrenal gland?
lille3shel replied to billh99's response:
Funny he was just in the hospital for a 238/140 BP! And they are going to check that this time. Apparently, the results take a few days to get back. But I had read some stuff about adrenaline being a possible cause. Thanks Bill!

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