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did my high bp cause a mini stroke
ben1471 posted:
I think I had a mini stroke I had a major headache and severe pain in the back of my head and neck. I also had a very irrateble right eye everything went blurred and I could not focus on any detail also it waa like I had no side vision in my right eye like a semi circle was taken away. I suffer from severe high blood pressure and at the tim my bp was 200 over 135. They did a ct that was clear but did show my brain arteries were wider than normal not sure why also looked in my right eye and said it looked a little swollen in the back. I'm only 28 they said must be a migraine but I have never had one before I think it was a mini stroke does this sound like the symptoms and does a tia show up on a ct the next day.
Anon_320 responded:
Ben1471, a migraine doesn't cause pain in the back of your head and neck; the pain is normally on one side of your head or the other, at the temple and, often behind the eye and perhaps radiating down your jaw.

Since it's the weekend, I think you should go to a walk-in clinic and insist on answers. I don't know about a TIA showing up on a CT scan.

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