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Type of Doctor
richja523 posted:
For a number of reasons, I am switching my primary care provider. I am interested in what type of doctor is best for someone diagnosed with Hypertension -- Family Practice or Internist? Any thoughts?
billh99 responded:
I have never seen an internist, except for cardiologist who start as internist and then have a sub-specialty in cardiology.

In theory the internist would have an edge over FP doctors.

But it my opinion that 98.5% of it is the individual doctor and not their background.

One that will listen to you and will explain the treatment. And why a meds is prescribed and what to expect.

Rather than one that does not say anything and just hands you a prescriptions and you don't even know what it is until you get it filled.
SleeplessinChicago responded:
I believe that a cardiologist would be your best bet. I switched from a "trial and error" "know nothing" GP to a cardiologist and have been impressed so far.

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