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when to worry about b/p
vabell posted:
I have high blood pressure and i am taking meds. metoprolol tab 50mg. The last 3 days i can't seem to get it to go down. It goes everywhere between 199/112 to 165/102. I lost my insurance and can't afford to see my doctor. I am not too sure when and if to go to the ER or not. Should I worry about the bottom number being over 100?
billh99 responded:
Some references indicate that a hypertensive urgency is 180/110, other 200/120.

Where they will treat you at the ER the cost can be very high.

How if you are having any symptoms such as headaches, changes in vision, weakness, chest pains, etc then definitely go to the ER immediately.

Otherwise might want to look for a low cost/free clinic.

Here are some national sources.

or google - low cost clinics 'your city'

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