Fast onset of high bp
tigger2869 posted:
I recently lost 40 lbs started exercising and eating right, I have been doing this since January 2013. I was on 2 b/p meds and have been off regular bp has been 126/90. Yesterday wasn't feeling right took bp it was 171/100, what would cause spike? I called doc took 5mg norvasc came down a little 158/98, later 142/90 went to bed wake up bp 158/98. Waiting for doc to call but what would cause this.
billh99 responded:
If you are "coming down" with something that can raise BP.

Personally I am very sensitive to stress. Several times I have notice that my BP was high for no apparent reason. Then realized that there had been an very minor issue that I had been putting off. As soon as I realized this and made specific plans to work on the issue the BP dropped.
tigger2869 replied to billh99's response:
Work has always been stressful but I guess this particular problem is weighing on me more than I realize. My dos also said this is situational. I see her on Tuesday but she has been calling me all weekend to check on me.
billh99 replied to tigger2869's response:
I forgot to compliment you on the loss of weight and the improved lifestyle.

Also I am glad that you have such an attentive doctor.