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Fourth bp med added today - anxious
shannonnina posted:
Hi, I'm new to this site . I was on 2 bp meds atenolol and losartan for 2 - 3 years and within the past month my doctor bumped those meds up and added a diuretic. Yesterday, she added hydralazine twice a day. I am reaching out to your group because I am very overwhelmed by this and anxious. I get really anxious when more meds are added even though I know I need to take them. (I actually teared up when when the pharmacist was talking to me - how embarrassing) I'm also having trouble accepting I have high blood pressure and that it is being somewhat resistant. God help me through this day. I'm leaving for work and will take my new added pill there. I hate complaining but I need support. Thank you for listening. Have a great day.
taylorcaywood responded:
I can remember when my Dr, added "one more tablet" for my blood pressure treatment. I became tearful as more thing I don't have control over, along with aging and creaky knees! I had to remind myself that elevated blood pressure is a family signature and there was little I could do to change that but I could take the medication. So, one more pills is added to my daily dosages---7, of various medication. You are not complaining you are just taking note. Keeping up with your meds ensures you and your family the best life possible. They will love you for it!
ljmahar replied to taylorcaywood's response:
Please contact me!!

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