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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

Blood pressure
nonnie1984 posted:
Went to ER on Thursday with chest pains. My BP was 187/145 they shoved me full of nitro and aspirins, BP medicine also. Sent me home with prescription for lisinprol and baby aspirin. Need to have a stress test on January 6th and 7th. I've been nervous not getting this taken care of sooner. I was exercising 30 minutes a day before this happened and now I'm almost afraid to over exert myself. I've experienced blood in urine, vertigo and confusion over the past 6 weeks. Didn't realize these were signs of high bp. The last time I was at the Dr. my bp was high and they didn't seem to care. I've never had high bp in my life until recently. I'm 50 and overweight. Has any body got any advice for me on what I should be doing in the meantime before I have the tests.
billh99 responded:
I don't know if they gave you an specific information about exercising. But you need to active.

At least to the level of brisk walking. If you can a little more. If you get chest pains and then stop when you stop exercising them OK.

Work on losing weight and improving your diet. Watch the salt.

Try and minimize the amount of processed and prepared food that you eat and maximize the amount of fruits and veggies.
kjme11374 responded:
dont understand why they are waiting til JAN for stress test.
BTW, a side effect of Lisinopril can be a very NASTY cough. Twice it happened to be, both times I was switched to another med (losartan potassium) which works for me.

You need to do something about the weight. Walk (until you find out what's going on, I would only do WALKING), diet, NO SALT, Originally I lost about 30 lb, and with Weight Watchers I got OFF BP and cholesterol med, but I had a heart attack Nov 4, and I am back on BP/cholesterol meds (my cholesterol #s are VERY WACKY). DO you know what your cholesterol is (and your LDL, HDL and triglycerides)....

Get a BP monitor and take your BP every day. I have an OMRON machine which I like, but any GOOD BP machine will work (I keep a spreadsheet and bring it to doctor...) If your BP is noticeably high, make a note of what might have caused it.
nonnie1984 replied to billh99's response:
Thank you for your advice. You pretty much summed it up. My better half doesn't understand it because I have never had a problem with it. He keeps saying "I wonder whats causing it" He has been on bp medicine for years and cholesterol lowering drugs so I never salt anything I cook and I can't even tell you the last time I made something from a box. I will heed your advice, thanks.
nonnie1984 replied to kjme11374's response:
With the holidays happening I think that's the deal. That and I don't have any insurance. I was thinking about getting a bp monitor. I have no idea what my cholesterol level is. Thanks for your advice.
kjme11374 replied to nonnie1984's response:
How are you doing? ANy luck getting to see a doctor and getting bp and cholesterol levels checked?

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