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Tick Allergy
dennis77 posted:
I wanted to alert the group to a very unusual allergy caused by a tick bite.

I do not know when I was bit but at the time (7 years ago) no one knew what caused the allergy. They do now...

The tick is known as the Lonestar tick and can be found from New York state across the US to Texas. If you get bit you can stand a chance of becoming allergic to beef, pork and some other meats.
I can eat chicken, turkey and other clawed animals. The reaction is called delayed antiflaxis (spelling). Some doctors still do not recognize this reaction, mine did. About three to six hours after eating the meat you get sick to you stomach, diarrhea, dizzy, hives, swelling of the lips and throat. As with all reactions the severity can change with the amount of meat you ate and how many times you eat the meat. Now I must carry an eppi-pen and an antihistamine with me at all times.

If you live in the area of this tick and have a reaction (usually at night) go to the doctor ASAP. If your doc does not know about this go on the internet and search for "Tick Allergies" If the doc still does not understand ask for a referral to an Allergist.

I am posting this to alert everyone about this problem and maybe save a life. I have not taken anyone to the ER in the Ambulance yet but it's just a matter of time..

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