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Variation in BP readings
questionman12 posted:
At 7:00 AM, I got 148 but 3 minutes later I got 112. At 1:30 I got 125 then go to doctors office for flu shot and they get 158 followed by 145 followed by 138. I get home and get 112. My home average over last 120 readings is 125/76 but these high readings are a concern to me. I take 5mg of lisinopril daily and maybe 1,100 mg of sodium daily except for a wild salty Saturday night that leaves readings around 140/85 through Tuesday morning. Any thoughts or advice?
kjme11374 responded:
I have NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE OR TRAINING, so I can only tell you my personal experience.

Frequently my BP WILL be higher when I go to doctor. (I have always referred to that as "white coat syndrome").

Why did doc put you on Lisinopril in the first place...(I cant take that - I get a terrible cough from it).

You should ask doc about the sodium. I know that WILL raise BY. I work very hard to keep salt under 1500mg ...I use NO ADDED SALT at all. my sodium is only what is naturally in food or has been added in processing (and I eat almost no processed food (That is, I mean frozen meals). I try to buy NO or LOW sodium products.

This is an interesting article. I personally have not used this DIET - I am on Weight Watchers.

Hope some of this info is helpful to you.

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