rrunyon posted:
after walking a mile on the treadmill in 25 minutes, my blood pressure was 165 over 120 with my heart rate being 109. At what point is it too high for cardio activities?
kjme11374 responded:
I have no medical training, but I think you should get to your doctor and check about the BP. I'd also buy a BP monitor and take your pressure 1-2 times a day and see if this is a regular occurrence.

You also need to check with doctor to find out what your target heart rate SHOULD be. the 109 MAY be ok.....depending on various factor.

Remember that any info on any website is no substitute for seeing doctor. These articles MAY give you some guidelines but again, talk to dr. And if you've previously had a heart attack, that COULD alter the numbers.

billh99 responded:
Systolic blood pressure will rise during exercise. But depending on the level of exercise 165 is not too much.

However, typically diastolic pressure does not increase that much. And a reading of over 115 is high enough to stop a cardiac stress test.

And depending on your age, any meds that you might be on, and other health conditions a HR of 109 is not a very high level of exercise.

You need to get this evaluated by a doctor.