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Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

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Very high blood pressure
An_256188 posted:
I have over the last two days very scary BP of 255/160, the doctor said the wrist strap couldnt be working but I did try it then on my husband and his was fine. I have been having hot attacks at night for a while but the last two nights very hot attack which is why I took my BP. It has gone down but is still very high. I have always had low blood pressure so this is strange. I have been put on medication and have to go for another reading tomorrow then my GP will ring me. what can I do to get it down quckly, I have started some exercise but this is limited for me. I am to start going swimming too, I have just lost 1 and a half stone and still more to go. Also I had an headache every day last week sort of a "thick head". I heard beetroot juice helps, anyone with any ideas or have tried this or can recommend something where I can get this down quickly please. Thank you
billh99 responded:
the doctor said the wrist strap couldnt be working

I assume that you are talking about a wrist mounted automatic BP monitor. They are not as accurate as those used on the upper arm.

And just because it works correctly on your husband it mean that it is working correctly on you.

If you truly have 255/160 that is emergency range. And it often requires IV's in a hospital.

As soon as possible you need to get that blood pressure verified and if it is that high go to the A&E.

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