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Amlodipine Types and Questions
johnwjr7 posted:
I have 4 questions actually.

1) My wife and I both now use Amlodipine tablets to control blood pressure (she got hers today). Mine says Amlodipine Besilate and hers is Amlodipine Camsylate. What's the difference?
2) Also I read that the Camsylate was pulled from the market. Should she still use it?
3) Both are 5mg tablets, but hers says 50mg/5mg and mine just 5mg. What does that mean?
4) Maybe this question will be answered after seeing the other 3 answers, but can we use each others medicine?

We live in the Philippines. She is 64 years old, I am 56.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
kjme11374 responded:
NEVER, EVER use someone else's medicine. Can you check with your pharmacy. or better to check with your doctor.

I have no medical training or knowledge, so I looked it up:

I did find this:

"Virtually no difference. They are just different "pharmaceutical salt" forms of amlodipine."

as to a RECALL, i think there was one but only for a SPECIFIC MANUFACTURER, "ETHEX". Your pharmacist should be able to tell you.

Please let us know what happens.
johnwjr7 replied to kjme11374's response:
Thank you for the response. Normally I would never use another person's medication, but if it's the same medication with the same mg, then I do not see a problem.
In this case I would not though because there is a slight difference and I will not take a chance on that.
I'll do some further checking on the "ETHEX" and see. I don't think the pharmacist here would know much about it, but I can give that a try.
I joined this community and have it bookmarked, so I'll put in here what I find out.
billh99 responded:
but hers says 50mg/5mg

That means that it is combined with another medicine. Most likely a diuretic. But it could be some other class of BP medicine.

The pharmacists should be able to explain what it is.
johnwjr7 replied to billh99's response:
Okay, that's something new to us. I'll sure remember that in the future. Thanks.

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