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still don't know whats the problem
mohdhijjawi posted:

21 years old student ! i was doing my final projects all of the sudden i started feeling weird ,tired,heart rate not normal , high blood pressure "first reading was 170/100" went to the emergency room they literately did nothing to help ! after that hours passed i started feeling back to normal a week passed and things started getting worse i went to check with my doctor she ordered some blood tests like " kidney functions ,cbc, and some other tests i dont remember " after receiving results she told me nothing is wrong with my blood " ever since i am monitoring my blood pressure sometimes its high sometimes its normal ! everyday i feel full even without eating too much i feel headaches no matter what is my blood pressure ,general feeling of unwell , always wants to sleep always tired , when i go to bed it really takes time to sleep ,sometimes really bad pain comes at kidney / spine area for a couple of minutes then goes like nothing happened ,
i usually dont get much sleep due to my working on university projects and other work stuff ! i saw 3 doctors and non of them was able to tell me whats wrong or why my blood pressure go high sometimes i am really concerned i never felt this ill , never had a surgery , no high blood pressure within family members ! im little bit over weight due to alot of sitting and working i try to walk for as much as i can everyday ! i dont know whats going on i need help advice opinions anything please !
thanks for reading
atti_editor responded:
Hi mohdhijjawi,

A medical professional is the best person to consult with this problem you are experiencing (which I see that you have done). Did any of the doctors that ran tests suggest any actions you can take to lower your blood pressure? This article has some good tips you might follow. It sounds like it may be a combination of things that is causing your high blood pressure and other symptoms of general illness. Not sleeping, stress from your projects, being slightly overweight, and not getting adequate exercise could all be contributing to your symptoms.

Try following some of the suggestions in the above link, and please let us know how you are doing! If you feel your symptoms worsening, please make another appointment with your doctor for another evaluation.

Best wishes,

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