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High bp, low Haemoglobin.
munich8000 posted:
Last march I had my bp taken and was told it was high after wearing an ambulatory bp monitor for six hours, I was also told my glucose was 8.4 and told to reduce my carb intake.
Iwas given the Ramipril pack for my bp and everything was fine until two weeks into the 10mg blister pack, I was sat at the computer and all of a sudden started to feel terrible extremely dizzy waves of a strange feeling from my legs to my torso shaky, at first I thought it was side affects from the Ramipril, I was told to stop them for a week and re-start them, again the feeling came back and no reduction in my bp.
They changed it to canversartin ok for a week then same side affects.
I had bloods taken and was told my haemoglobin was low and was given iron tablets I haven't taken the hypertension pills and have not had a problem.
My gp told me my haemoglobin was very low and gave me a rectal examination and also sent me for a bowel camera.
Could the problem with the hypertension drugs have been because I had low haemoglobin.
I had heart tracers and sats taken and all were normal, kidney and liver function all normal along with thyroid.

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