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High Blood Pressure 170/100
Knightfx posted:
I have been trying to keep my blood pressure down via "alternative" methods since a Doctor informed me I probably have hypertension two years ago. My blood pressure is spiking to over 170/100 and climbing the last few days . I have tried everything. Low sodium diet, exercise, apple cider vinegar, Chinese herbal medicine, and even cut down on the booze. My attempt to avoid going to the doctor has failed, and I have a appointment to see the same doctor who gave the bad new when he gets back from Vacation Tuesday, It is Sunday now, and I am wondering if I should go see a Doctor sooner? Is there a imminent risk of stroke or heart attack if I don't go right away? Can I still work out? Please "help a brother out" with some much needed information.
highbloodguy responded:
Stress can increase BP as well. Try relax a bit. Avoid coffee. Banana also help to lower blood pressure as well.

If you calm down, BP also goes down. I think your body can handle short term spike. Even if you see your doctor today, the medicine don't work right the way.

Do some walk, and some easy exercise. If you feel fine, then continue.

I am on water pill right now, even though my BP is fairly low. I am hoping to get off eventually.

Ask your doctor see if you can be on water pill. The only problem with water pill for long term is losing protein. It is kind of hard on the kidney. Exercise is still the best bet.
Knightfx responded:
Thank you for the 411.

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