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    red blotchy hands/legs/chest pain
    Orange1981 posted:
    I hope I'm posting in a relative thread for this. I have finally found a doctor, and we've been going over my symptoms: Sparkling, swimming visual lights and other disturbances such as visibly pounding pulse in my field of vision (thought to be high blood pressure), pins and needles sensation in sporadic parts of body, specially hands where it likes to tingle (also inside the leg there's sometimes a fluttering feeling or slight vibration). It all started with the feeling of a heart attack which I went to the ER for, a headache followed for 3 months, and for about a week and a half after that initial feeling I would wake up feeling as if I was drowning or otherwise losing my breathe. Since then, slight excersize will trigger burning sensations in my chest and a couple minutes recovery time, for I feel weak and exhausted. I was going to the gym regularly just before all this, it's not like me to be so short winded. My legs, feet, and now specially my hands, would easily become red and blotchy. With the last month my hands have become incredibly bad, this is so confusing. If I raise my hands up they look normal, but as soon as I let them hang they become very red, beat red, with very prominently white blotch marks. Then if I raise them up, within just a few short seconds they look normal again. I'm wondering, since all this stuff happened either simultaneously or one after the other like domino FX, is it all the same issue or caused by the same undiagnosed underlying condition? Feeling the way I do, I would suspect the weird blotchiness is linked to the other discerning and troubling symptoms such as pain in chest, visual disturbances, increased blurry or 'ghosted' vision... high blood pressure? And so on? My road has been blocked for the past couple years becasue of this. I've been wanting to go back to the gym and other things, so so much, but now I'm afraid to. I am going to continue trying to nail this with my doctor, but if anyone here has any helpful advice, please feel free. I would appreciate that. Thanks. Btw, I've already had an MRI (without contrast), and a lot of blood tests including thyroid and that whicih would detect a poisoned heart, etc.. I have hinted at blocked arteries or other artery conditions. The doctor didn't necessarily rule it out, but she suggested it unlikely. But I am not becoming any more comfortable in the not knowing, specially with hands that look like cheap frozen cheese pizza when hanging below my waist and regular one tone hands when above my shoulders, just to name the one. Thanks again for any help!

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Orange1981,

    Sorry to hear you're having so many problems. This message board is for high blood pressure (hypertension), but I do have a couple of suggestions. Here is a slideshow of Common Adult Skin Problems. Maybe one of them will look something like what you have.

    My other suggestion for you while you and your doctor puzzle it out, is to try Symptom Checker, and see if it gives you any ideas.

    Sure hope you get help soon, Justin!

    Orange1981 responded:
    I was looking for a pulmonary thread but couldn't find one. I think that would be a more appropriate place to post this. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think it's a skin problem though, based on the laws of gravity and how they work with the visual appearance of the redness and blotchiness. It looks to be water retention or something, and my symptoms seemed to fall under certain conditions like pulmonary edema.. But I just don't know. I have to wait until early Jan to see the pulmonary specialist. Just trying to keep my head on straight until then. Cheers

    Vicky_122 responded:
    You might want to talk on the heart failure board.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Justin,

    I think you're right--it probably is a circulation issue as opposed to a skin issue. Vicky was good enough to share some links--thanks! Cellulitis, diabetes, and many other things could be causing it, too.

    Here are links to the cardiac boards: Heart Disease Support Group, and Nurse Laurie Anderson's Heart Failure/Heart Disease message board. If you'd like to repost there, they might give you some more ideas.

    Is there any way you can get an appointment before January? I would absolutely not wait that long--the sooner you can get seen, the better!

    Yours in health,

    Orange1981 responded:
    Yes, thanks y'all for the links. I meant June, not January. Oh my lord how I'd go fully insane waiting until Jan of '09!

    spanielsp responded:
    Hello Justin - did you get a diagnosis? I think I have similar symptoms, but less severe. Thanks
    gabriel44 responded:

    I know this is an old post but did you ever figure out what was wrong. I have the same issue with the white spots on my hands that disappear when I raise my hands above my heart?


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