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bp and pulse in ear
girldiva posted:
A couple of weeks ago I had HBP. It was really high. Then I started getting this loud pulse sound in my ear. So the doctor put me on beta-blockers and HBP medicine. The pulse sound went away.(I still hear it from time to time). I hear bad things about beta blockers. I was wondering why i got really depressed, Anxious. so, after all of this will the pulse sound in m ear go away?? And are beta-blockers ok to take?
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi girldiva,

I'm sorry to hear about these concerns. First of all, here is a WebMD Overview on Tinnitus , which might give you a few ideas to why this pulse sound could be occurring. As for your medications and side effects. PLEASE do not discontinue your prescriptions. Speak with your doctor about your concerns, both what you have heard/read and what is going on at the present moment. He/she will be able to answer your questions the best knowing your situation and past medical history. I wish you the best of health in the future! Please keep us posted on how you are doing!
Best Wishes! Amelia

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