Am Extremely Sensitive To Meds: What Is Best Tolerated Hypertension Med ?
QUEST42DAY posted:
Recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, I have tried several medications: Lysinopril, Hydrochlorothaize, Chlorthalidone but have strong reactions like severe headache, psychological mood swings, loss of energy. Even cutting the Chlorthalidone in half or less still results in 'wild' side effects. Am also taking Ranitidine and Levothyroxine - the levels have been confirmed as correct. Am a low body mass person. Am at a loss as what to do. Does anyone know what would be the best tolerated hypertension medication ? Any advice is appreciated !
masnpaswhocare responded:
Hello, sorry to hear that you are having trouble. While we don't know much about the medicince that you have listed. We have heard about long term side effects from high blood pressure medications and other meds use to regulate heart problems.

Have you consider using any natural supplements along with what you are taking?

Just a suggestion.

Let us know if we can offer other suggestions.

Best of luck.

monkeypony responded:
my husband is same. he now takes coreg snd diltazem and benacar.