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Blood Pressure Spikes
An_239726 posted:
I too have experienced blood pressure spikes for almost two years.Have had thyroid,heart,kidney,colon,stomach,brain test that were all normal.My issues left me physically ill.Do any of you experience that?I would get so weak,short of breath or pulse so fast I felt like I had been running that I couldn't function.just to prepare a meal I would have to sit still&wait for it to come down.All the meds that were tried seemed to have varying side effects.I am sleeping in a recliner because if I lie down,I either spike or wake up to a pounding pulse.For months even in the chair I would wake up evey 2hrs. or so with spikes of 200/110 or more. I am 65 but have been very active,working in a factory until retirement and living on a small farm.I have never been routine blood work has been great.I do have fibro&osteo arth.that I felt was in remission.I was taking 5mil of med for my bp when this occurred.After all combinations of various meds failed,I am taking 40 mil of my original meds.I now have huge stomach issues,occular migraines&have lost about 25 lbs.I now weigh 5' 6'' -scary.I have been told I am a medical mystery.I was given a rescue med,but told by another Dr not to take it because it causes rebound spikes.It has been a lot better for several mos,sometimes getting too low.However,it is inching back up in the a.m.I realized that I was having these spikes often while eating.I have always tried to eat healthy.My breakfast was whole grain shredded wheat.It caused me to spike almost ever morning.I could not eat out without having a spike.Gluten issues had been ruled out so I desperately began reading all online I could find.At one time I could not even do that without a spike,couldn't talk on the phone either.I began to read about msg&related additives in my food.Almost everything that you purchase has these&according to research they act as neuro.toxins.All I know is I still have problems, Maybe the guidelines for test results could be different for some people.I was told by several Drs that bp does'nt you sick.You don't know that you have it&that is why you have the stroke.I still am not well.On at least ER visit after their med including nitro was still160.I am to be tested for sleep apnea this wk.Was told by a last visit,after I questioned him that your spine has effect on bp.Do any of you relate to any of this?I have been so ill that I believe it to be the Grace of God&watching my food intake that I am still alive.
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merrlinn responded:
I Have you seen an endocrinologist? If not I recommend that you do. Good luck. Merrlinn
merrlinn responded:
Are you having panic attacks. Has anyone prescribed zanax or something similar? Be sure that all the thyroid tests have been done that can be done including an ultra sound. Good luck.
AuntIssie responded:
POTS syndrome with mast cell activation disorder. Look at DINET site and read more about it.

Kimktb responded:
It's been a year now. I hope you found an answer.
TPMitchell123 responded:
Greetings--I just read your post with great interest. I've been suffering for 6 months w/ daily blood pressure spikes that ABSOLUTELY HAVE SYMPTOMS! Weakness, debillitating fatigue, shakiness, brain fog, mood change to apathy/ambivalence, pounding heart, red flushed face, feel like I got suddenly hammered with A BAD FLU for like 2-3 hours, then when the b/p drops I'm fine again (except exhausted from the "episode"). The only thing that helps is if I elevate my feet really high (higher than my heart). I have seen 19 "specialists" and no one has a clue yet. I have researched and found some interesting info on Mast Cell disorders and also Dysautonomia; may be one or both of these. Orthostatic HypERtension (blood pressure elevating/spiking when standing too long or in my case bending over) can be a symptom of Autonomic System disfunctions. But these are still just theories as no specialists have confirmed them yet. Seeing a POTS expert on Friday and a Hemotologist this week to rule out or confirm Mast cell issues. I am very interested in what you have discovered since posting your message--please let me know as a lot of your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I wish you well; I have a pretty good incling as to how bad you have felt, may still be feeling. I hope you have found help. Please post a response or you may contact me directly at . Hang in there and I really hope to hear from you. Take care, tammi

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