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Is it your Thyroid?
An_240067 posted:
If you are having lots of strange, subtle side effects and are always tired aand you have seen many Drs who don't have the answers, insist on an ultra sound of your thyroid. The blood work alone does not always tell the story. It can also affect your blood pressure, weight, vision, anxiety, depression and a multitude of organs. See an endocrinologist. It has taken me 8 years of misery to get to the bottom of the problems. I live in a small community with no specialists, in an isolated area. Don't let your Drs. tell you that you should see a psychiatrist. I was so deperate that I actually did see one. I was found to be quite sane.
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Mrs4B responded:
An_240067 - Will check with his Dr to see if the thyroid test was just a blood test - which I think it was. And actually, one of the suggestions was peri-hypothyroidism as a possible cause. Thank you for posting. I'm slowly losing my Dad and am trying to find out what is going on with him. Some of the signs/symptoms track as this being a possible cause, but not all of the. But then, it could also be more than one thing going on. Will post here if I get any answers either way. Sincerly, Thanks! Mrs4B
kjme11374 replied to Mrs4B's response:
I'm going to ask my new primary care (when i move to AZ in 2 weeks) about thyroid. I have so much of what you mention and all my thyroid tests have been the usual blood tests.

When I see the new primary, I'll ask about a referral to an endocrinologist. I'm tired of a brush off, that is, cardio, gastro and primary not being overly concerned. I am NOT making up these symptoms. When your BP/HR spikes to 168/117 and hr of 158, that's not normal, and it happens every couple of months.

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