Lisinopril Cough
Patsy19320 posted:
Wow, I know this is an old post but maybe some 'Lisinopril Cough' sufferers, like myself, are still visiting this topic.

About two months ago I started taking Lisinopril. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who told me to be aware that I could develop a cough. After taking it for a few weeks I did develop a cough but it wasn't too bad at first. Now, two months later, it's interfering with my sleep.

Lately I got the notion to start gargling throughout the day with Cranberry Juice and it seems to help a little. I also keep a small bottle next to my bed at night. I'm going to have my doctor prescribe something else but I'm going to keep gargling until I can get a new prescription and until the side effects go away.

Hope this is helpful for others.
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derfberger responded:
switched to Lorsartan/Hctz, no more cough, B/P fine

also take a CA blocker