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Dumping Syndrome-
jujulang posted:
I have posted about these symptoms before. I have slow motility which includes my gallbladder. The Hida scan showed a 24% infraction rate? Not sure if thats the right phrasing for it. My gastic emptying was at 50%? It takes me 180 minutes to digest what should be in 90 minutes.
I have experienced dizziness, an off balance feeling, then I get stomach cramps, a burning sensation like a hot flash that will start in my feet and work it's way up to include my entire abdomen. That is happening after a bowel movement. I think CalGal had mentioned she thought it was dumping syndrome. The only thing I had was my coffee this morning and my 15mg prevacid capsule. Which I do every morning.
I guess I"m wondering how common it is for someone to have dumping syndrome that has not had bypass surgery. And, could my sluggish gallbladder and slow motility have something to do with all of this.
LilMissMerrySunshine responded:
Eeeek! That one is above my pay grade. I did see a Mystery Diagnosis episode once about someone who had one of those tests done, and it was a similar problem with motility, but that is the extent of my knowledge. Not very helpful, huh?

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