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Comming out of lurkin mode for an update
MagPrincess posted:
Well I saw my new pain management doctor today.

OMG I AM so in LOVE!!!

he totally got not changing the meds that are working but does want to do two epidural shots since one bulge has now herniated. ANd then said we will work to find the right combo for you even if you have to come in weekly till we figure it out!! LOVE IT!!! Such a relief when a doctor says that!!

THen he wrote out a new prescript for lortab and instead of sixty pills he gave me ninty as he said he was sure with my ocd it caused alot of panic when i ran low before i could refill. OMGosh he so is right. I hate the last few days. He said fill it every thirty days or so but this way i have abit of extra if i need to take it four times a day for a bit too. Again LOVE IT! such a relief

He also said he loves that i don't just attribute every symptom to FM or CFS. I told him i had to ask for the MRI in january and he said its sad really that alot of doctors who are well meaning just attribute it to FM when they know and he knows that FM mimics alot of other things.

he also understands back pain so thoroughly as he himself has bulging and herniated discs that also does not qualify for back surgery. SO he KNOWS how I feel!!! He even has the same herniation as mine!!

He still does not understand the cervical pain but he wants to do a cervical epidural as well and see if that works. he said I dont have to know why it works just that it works and if it doesn't we will find something that does. You are way to young to be in this much pain on a daily basis.

OH and MY FAVORITE. He quoted my own quote at me before i could say it.

I am here to treat your symptoms YOU Pay me to do this and at your appt time my time is your time!!!


I get the epidural in my lumbar in two weeks and then the cervical the week after that and then the week after that i see him again for a follow up. If i am not out of pain then from my back he said he would gladly see me weekly till we find the right combo!!!

IBS has been pretty much controlled since eliminating corn and decreasing the mobic to an almost as needed basis. I took a break from it for a bit but the DDD started to get too painful.Now i am taking it in two doses instead of all at once and really only a few days in a row and then taking a break.I still get days where i ate something with some kind of corn product in it and i get a bit of the runs and then if i miss it too much and get too much corn i still get the spasm and gas and bloating and runs. But its considerably better.

Unfortunately the absense of the runs has not helped keep my vitamin D levels up and i am back on the mega doses. It dropped thirty points so weekly doses again and check again in October.

Erin<---seeing a light at the end of the tunnell!!

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