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IBS and Diverticulitis
klhunter48 posted:

I am new to this site and was reading your posts. I have similar problems to some of you like the waking up in the middle of the night in pain. I have been diagnosed with IBS and Diverticulitis. I go from constipation to soft stools not really diarrhea, but the pain that wakes me up is unreal, I can't move or get out of the bed. It makes my back hurt straight across the lower back around the pelvic area. I have bloating, and gas after I eat and my stomach has been rumbling for the past two days. Have any of you experienced the pain where it feels like someone laid bricks on your side and it stops you from trying to move? The pain leaves after a few hours like someone else mentioned, but I use heat to do that.
sheba_q responded:
That rumbling sounds mighty familiar. I have ulcerative colitis and I get that when I eat something I shouldn't have. I think of it as my belly yelling at me for eating the wrong thing(s). Gas and bloating are signs that you've developed an intolerance to something you're eating.
klhunter48 replied to sheba_q's response:
Hi Sheba_q:

Thanks for the info. It seems that no matter what I eat I get gas. I have limited myself to things like grilled chicken, tuna fish, chicken noodle soup and occasionally turkey sandwiches. I just came from urgent care this evening and was told that my colon is backed up. Is there a special diet you are on that seems to help with this issue or do you just eat a normal diet?
sheba_q replied to klhunter48's response:
Diet is a big thing - and it's different for colitis than it is for IBS which in turn is different than it is for diverticulitis. Fun huh...

I know this site gets recommended a lot on here and has helped people with IBS (you don't have to buy any of her products).

I only know the basics of a diverticulitis diet, but this seems to be a good starting point (and it's from Mayo).

If you've just had constipation that bad I'd suggest starting with the "Diverticulitis diet during an attack" for a few days and then continue on with their recommendations.

Are you taking meds for anything?
klhunter48 replied to sheba_q's response:
No, I went to urgent care on Wednesday after work because the pain came back and the doctor took Xrays and it showed my colon being fully blocked up. No one has given me any medication for it though. I keep using things like Ducolax suppositories, Miralax, fibersure etc. I have an appointment with the GI specialist on the 2nd of November. Thanks for the diet information.
haney1 responded:
Greetings Also,

I am very happy to have stumbled onto your paragraph. It describes me to the letter but I have not found a solution by Dr. or by my self. Such as changing up foods and some of the things reported in heath news and Emails I receive. I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis and slow digestion of my food and have chronic heartburn. The best thing to help me is to get moving such as a brisk walk. Now I am in a wheelchair and cannot get the walk. I have many problems. Keeping what you have stated is another real problem. Thanks, It does seem to help that we are not alone.

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