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What's that smell???
Brandy_wine posted:
I believe my fiance has IBS. He has a tendency to run to the bathroom or speed to get to one. But the real question is " Can IBS cause a person's farts to be REALLY UNUSUALLY SMELLY?" I have two brothers so trust me I know what a fart can smell like but I haven't smelt anything like this and it happens all of the time. Second, is there anything that can be done to maybe "calm the stink." He also claims tht it hurts him to hold back a fart or poop which I figure is because of the IBS. It's causing a problem between us so I was wondering if there would be a point to talking to a doctor or will I just have to suffer?
sheba_q responded:
Food intolerances can cause that. When the body can't digest something properly then it sits inside and the body's bacteria feasts on it - and then the smells begin. A food/symptom diary is a good way to figure out what he's reacting to.

Has he had to take antibiotics? That can mess with the bacteria and cause problems and smells too. Probiotics can help with that.

Those are the obvious things that come to mind. Even if they don't fix the whole problem, going to the doctor with a food diary is a good idea as it gives the doctor something to start from.
Brandy_wine replied to sheba_q's response:
Sounds good... The problem is... Well, he's a guy... He probably won't do the diary thing. Is there any possibility the IBS and the smell are linked?
CalGal37 replied to Brandy_wine's response:
Brandy_wine, there's no true link between IBS and the odor. IBS changes bowel habits, but it doesn't automatically produce an odor. As Sheba said, it can be due to bacterial issues or possibly an infection of some sort. It needs to be check out in several ways - doc's visit, food diary, etc.
unsinkable777 responded:
If he does have IBS (sounds like it), HE is suffering far more than you are, trust me. Try to get him to talk about it, and let him know you love him anyway - stinky gas or not. If he is feeling anxious about his digestive problems, worrying about how you will react, his symptoms will be even worse.
I guess if you love him, you will be prepared to "suffer".
There are medications to help with it - like Dicetel. Has he discussed his problems with the doc? He should.

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