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Bloating, gas, cramps, stomach fluttering and loss of appetite
An_191947 posted:
I was hoping someonemay be able to help me. I am a 33 y/o male and have experienced 3 bouts with a similar problem although this episode is the worst by far. I am experiencing cramping, gas pains, bloating, loss of appetite, unable to eat but very small amounts of food, fluttering in my stomach. Sometimes I can pass gas and it makes me feel slightly better. This episode started about 2 weeks ago. The first episode was about 4 months ago. I did see my PCP 4 months ago, she ordered a CBC, H pylorei and CT. The blood work all came back fine..I opted to not get the cat scan and chalked it up to my 'new" lifestyle changes. Then is came back, so i got the CT scan shows minimal splenomegaly (spleen enlargement). I am now scheduled for an upper/lowwer scope but unable to get one for 3 more weeks and a GI consult in 3 months! Previously I was a 6'1'' 235lb overweight sedantary person, have had mononucleosis about 8 years ago, some sinus issues and chronic swollen lymph nodes, the lymph node I had biopsied and it was fine. Now I'm 174lbs, and my doctor is worried about the drastic weight loss. prior to this episode of GI issues, I was following a healthy diet that included a lot of whole grains , lean meat, vegetables, fruit and vitamins with plenty of water. Exercising 4-5 times per week for an hour or so, started running, went from being able to run a block to now 5 miles. My doctor says the weight loss seems to dramatic even with my diet/exercise..I've had no diarrhea, blood in stool, or vomitting. I thought I was catching a bug about a month ago or so when I felt very tired after a routine workout but the previous day I received a TDAP vaccine for work. another strange thing going on is that when I run my sweat smells like ammonia. If anyone has any suggestions on what could be causing this I appreciate it.
GeeZee07458 responded:
I have all of the same issues. Started in Aug 2010, and hit hard. I planned a 2 week vacation, cancelled it and stayed home in bed for 2 weeks. Severe stomach cramps, gas, diahrea or constipation. I would also get stomach fluttering and the thought of food would disgust me. Anything I ate would sit in my breastbone region and churn for hours and hours. Nothing felt like it would digest properly. I lost 25 lbs in two months. Ate very little, mainly toast with little or no butter and water/juices. GI Dr did all same tests with no signs of major issues. I have been taking Nexium, Zenpep, Zegrid, Omniparazone Bigarb and its now Jan 2011. It's been a struggle, but have been feeling better. I have a very stressful job and lifestyle which I feel is directly contributing if not causing this. I also feel waves of anxiety or overwhelming. NEVER had these issues before Aug 2010. Are you stressed or anxious? I used to be able to eat anything but now I watch. I dont go out, just work because I never know what will happen after eating. Hope this helps. Best of luck. G
Running4health replied to GeeZee07458's response:
Well I didn't think I was stressed out until I wasn't feeling well. I had a upper and lower GI scope. The doc found 1 small pollyp which he removed, also found 2 areas from the upper scope of gastritis which he snipped a few pieces of tissue for biopsy. No H Pylori, no cancer, no celiac disease, which I'm all greatful for but I'm getting no where with getting back to normal! I thought about the stress thing and had about a week where my appetite slowly improved, no pain or problems for a week. I thought I was really over this crap then all of a sudden I woke up this morning to bloating, squeezing pain that lasted about 8 hrs, no help from gas x or tums, then all of a sudden it went away. Now my stoomach is tender to the touch like I've been punched in the gut..Go back to the doc in a couple of days...Praying for a fix!

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