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    trying to find the problem- 20 month old
    cstargarner posted:
    I may be in the wrong place but couldn't really find a good match. My 20 month old son has been having diarrhea and loose stools almost every day for 2-3 months now. He also has terrible gas. I know that sounds silly but it's bad enough that in my gut I know there's a problem. I have never known any adult or even animal for that matter that smelled as bad as he did on a daily basis. I have people constantly telling me that he has a dirty diaper because of the smell and even have people argue with me when I tell them it's just gas. It's not normal to have these problems for months straight. He has a major dairy allergy and less severe egg allergy so i've already cut both out of his diet a long time ago (when he was around 2 months old we discovered both allergies). He is also allergic to eggplant (an oddball thing that i'm sure has nothing to do with this but wanted to mention it just incase). I haven't been feeding him raisins and beans all day (maybe once or twice a month for both- and not much then). He eats banana, apple, or both most days because I've been told that the BRAT diet was good for diarrhea but it's not helping. His usual diet has been:

    milk 4x a day, juice 1x a day some days, some none
    breakfast- cheerios/oatmeal/pancakes (made with soy milk), fruit
    lunch-vegetable, meat, fruit
    dinner-vegetable, meat, fruit, a little extra something (pasta, crackers, extra veggie, fruit...)
    snack- somedays- crackers, graham cracker, animal cracker, fruit, organic fruit strip, dried fruit...

    Does anyone have any ideas? I'm clueless and exhausted. I want my baby to be better. It seems like he's been sick with allergies, skin problems, rashes... since day 1. The dr has had me bring a stool sample and she said the tests came back with all negative results so she doesn't know what's wrong. We've been in about 3 times with this and it's costing a fortune since we have an expensive temporary health insurance plan while we wait for my husband's from his new job to kick in.
    CalGal37 responded:
    Consider having him tested for celiac disease. The fact that he's got on-going diarrhea and rashes may correlate with that issue.

    In addition, many celiac's cross-react in an IgA-related manner to dairy. So if your son's problem is related to an IgA reaction to casein - the major protein in dairy - it's possible he could also be celiac as well.

    Get his blood tested and heck the following parameters: IgA total; Iga/IgG gliadin; transglutaminase and check the genes (alleles) for celiac linkage. Don't let the doc do JUST the transglutaminase test. You need the others to be even half-way sure that celiac may or may not be present.
    cstargarner replied to CalGal37's response:
    I'm sorry, I don't understand a lot of what you said but will try to bring it up with his dr. I'm really hoping it's not that but have been thinking for a while that a gluten allergy might have something to do with it. Thanks for your reply.
    CalGal37 replied to cstargarner's response:
    Cstargarner, I suspect you're probably having trouble with my mention of IgA and IgG - they're antibodies, one of the body's defense mechanisms. Celiac is an autoimmune issue in which the body thinks it's being attacked and responds by putting out antibodies. A specific form of antibody of the IgA variety is generated as an autoimmune response in celiac. So they might find anti-IgA gliadin (another 'name' for gluten) antibodies as a response if celiac is present.

    IgA is the protector antibody that is generated against 'invaders' in the GI tract. So you need to measure total IgA to make sure there IS a GI response going on in the first place. In celiac disease the total levels of IgA can be lower, and that would also indicate the system is being impacted by 'something' - so the response is minimal.

    IgA is an antibody that is put out when it's not an autoimmune response, but instead an 'allergy' response. So by checking with both IgA and IgG you can check for both autoimmune issues and 'allergy' issues.

    That help?
    cstargarner replied to CalGal37's response:
    It does! Thanks so much! I'll talk with his dr about this.
    vbcadd responded:
    My daughter had the same problem and we found out that the juice was causing it. It got so bad I had to take her off juce or water it down. Apparently the juices with the higher acid were the worst. Apple and orange were out of the question. Pear was better. Also what kind of meat are you using? I had to use chicken or turkey only, no beef. When you say rashes, do you mean diaper? My daughters rashes were caused by the juice. There may be preservatives in some of the foods he is sensitive to. The only way to pinpoint what is causing it is to eliminate everything and introduce one thing at a time. One meat, vegie and fruit for several days, then switch ONE item only for a few days at a time. Find what his triggers are and eliminate them, keep a journal and list and changes or effects on his system. Most moms make the mistake of giving a child a lot of different foods when they are old enough and that is a huge mistake. They should be introduced one at a time for a few days just to make sure they have no food or chemical allergies or intolerences to it.
    cstargarner replied to vbcadd's response:
    We did introduce each food by itself for 7 days each when we started solids. He doesn't get juice every day and when he does it's always at least mixed 50/50 with water. I usually buy apple juice. For meat, it's chicken, turkey, and occasionally ham. I boil all ham first bc the dr said that helps cut the sodium down since it's so salty. So unless he's developed a new allergy to a food he's been eating forever, I have no idea what's going on. I cook most of his food from fresh so he doesn't get too much junk with preservatives. Oh, and he has had more rashes than I knew existed. Eczema, some rash that looked like mosquito bites covering his extremities ( on and off for months- he looked like he had been attacked by a swarm of mosquitos, like I left him outside naked for a few days, and he hadn't been around any that I knew of), and occasional diaper rash but not much diaper rash really, unless he had been exposed to something he was allergic to. I don't know any baby who has had less diaper rash problems than him honestly. I don't know what it is.
    CalGal37 replied to cstargarner's response:
    Cstargarner, rashes can be characteristic of celiac disease. And that 'whole-body' type of rash prompts me to again say, please have the celiac angle checked out. Docs don't often recognize a celiac rash. They'll call it many other things unfortunately.
    MsMaxine responded:
    Go see a Holistic Nutritionist! Your poor baby is suffering and doctors are often clueless when it comes to nutrition. Don't see a dietician - find a Holistic Health Practioner - they treat the whole body. Milk - if it's not organic - could also be contributing to this!
    cstargarner replied to CalGal37's response:
    we're going to a GI dr in a couple of weeks and his allergist (saw him Mon) said that he thinks the GI dr will prob test for Celiac. That's really the only thing I can think of that it may be unless there's something wierd wrong with his insides. He was born with only 2 fingers on his left hand and that's the only birth defect we know of but i'm starting to get concerned that something else may be wrong on his insides.
    cstargarner replied to MsMaxine's response:
    He has an extreme sensitivity to the protein in Cow's milk (or did last time he was exposed through breastmilk- the allergist we saw Mon said he didn't think it was a true allergy but a sensitivity... but he's thinking we should try giving him a little milk to test it since it's been over a year since he's had any.) so he's been drinking unsweetened organic soy milk since he was a little over 14 months old (when I stopped breastfeeding). The allergist is wondering if the soy may have something to do with his problems even though they didn't start right when he was moved to soy. I'll have to look into the possibility of seeing a holistic nutritionist. I'm not sure if that's something our insurance would cover or if I could afford to see one.

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