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Longtime Loud Stomach Noises Sufferer, but IBS?
IBSorNot234 posted:
I have since middle school at least had issues with a very audible and unusual stomach noise. The sound varies, everything from "internal farting" to high-pitched sounds to bubbling. It is infrequent, but seems to occur at some of the worst times (e.g., in class taking a test, or like today, at work during a meeting).

I thought it was gas, so have been taking Gas-X Maximum Strength before meetings. This has not worked---maybe the sounds would have been louder had I not taken this, but still sounds nonetheless.

After today's meeting, I looked to see if anyone else had similar symptoms, and it seems a lot of people with IBS have this problem. The only thing is, I don't have other IBS symptoms---I don't have diahareah, don't have cramps/pain, and no real bloating.

Would appreciate any thoughts. I don't think a particular food triggers it, and I also wouldn't necessarily attribute it to nerves (my stomach makes that noise in my office, as well as when I'm at home). It is random too---I can go weeks without it making sound.
Polarisld33 responded:
Does it happen more often when you have an empty stomach? I know mine makes an awful lot of noise when I haven't eaten in a while. Does it cause you any (physical) discomfort? If you're not in any pain, it may not be anything you need to do anything about. It may also just be your stomach telling you it's empty and needs at least a little bit of something to quiet it down.

I'm a little curious to see what (if anything) the experts say about it.
IBSorNot234 replied to Polarisld33's response:
No, if anything it happens more often after I eat. But it happens randomly generally. No physical discomfort or pain, although I guess you could say I have some minor bloating...I can certainly feel activity in my stomach.

My stomach is also noisy when its hungry/empty, but that is a different thing altogether. What I am talking about seems gas-related.
IBSorNot234 replied to IBSorNot234's response:
And just to be clear, while it does seem to come more often in the 1-4 hours after I eat period, I don't think it is typical gas. Like I said in the original post, I tried taking Gas-X Maximum Strength which had no effect.
boonjies replied to Polarisld33's response:
I have been diagnosed with chronic constipation IBS, my stomach seems to gurgle when its empty, Somtimes after I have eaten it will do so too. I have learned to live with it and accept it. Gas X and other items dont work for me as well. Find your triggers.

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