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brenleep posted:
Iam a 49 year old female
I was diagnoised with ibs-d a year ago.
I was doing good watching what i eat
didnt have to take any meds.
But now it is getting worse i go days
and cant eat anything and my stomach
hurts all the timeI"am scared to leave
the house.If i have to go any where
i dont eat till i get home.
Can anyone help. thanks
vbcadd responded:
I've been suffering from IBS since I can remember. At least since I was 7 or 8. It got worse in my 20s and 30s. Now I hardly ever have any episodes. I had one recently, but before that it's been years. I've learned over the years what most of the triggers are. Mostly food, the worst for me is anything with fake or chemical foods, also preservatives and carbonated drinks. Wines and wine coolers too. The worst for me is velveta cheese. Actually cheese is the worst and ice cream as well. I am also slightly lactose intolerant. White cheeses don't bother me, but processed or fake cheeses (yellow) do. And absolutely no cream sauces. If I'm not sure what's in it I won't order it when I'm out. I have also had bladder problems over the years and found out from the urologist that my body cannot process chemicals in foods, they make me sick. Chrystal light made my bladder bleed within days. I had bladder infections for about 8 years straight. Haven't had one in over 10 years now since I eliminated fake sugar substitues. I stick to real sugar, no soda (diet or regular), real butter, low fat milk, and real cheese (Kraft, Borden, or Land O Lakes). Wash your fruit and vegetables real good to get all the pesticides off. I have switched to almond milk which I love. I also can't eat cauliflower for some reason. I know stress can sometimes make it worse but I really believe its the chemicals in our food that are responsible. Keep a list and figure out what is setting yours off, then stay away from it. My doctor gave me medication but I won't take it and I've managed very well without it. You may have some food allergies as well. Sorry, but I don't have much faith in doctors, they all just want to get us on medication that always has side affects. Medicine is not always the answer. We need to realize what's in our food that is making us sick and avoid it at all cost. I usually know within 10 minutes of eating something that I shouldn't have.

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