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I have yet to find out what i have... :[
lisalane12 posted:
I am a healthy 17 year old and my father will not take me to the doctor. I have had bowel problems since i was 14. It has recently gotten worse this January.

- I very rarely have diarrhea, I am always constipated.
- Very dark stools.
- BM once a week.
- I wake up with back pain/ tailbone pain/ gassy pain in colon.
- Very painful when trying to push out stool. Usually around pelvis.
- Painful when having sex.

I have been trying to figure what i have for years. Someone please help me figure out what i have. Please email me for further questions! Thankyou so much!
ashley1028k responded:
Hey Lisa,
I am 22 i have been suffering from ibs since i was a little girl. I have gone weeks without a bm and rarely have any now maybe once per week. i take stool softener and it makes it easier to have more frequent bm's. See if this helps if not you might want to go to a gastroenterologist and have some tests done.
Hope this helps
health_girl responded:
I think I might have IBS too...I:

- am often constipated
- get extremely bloated after eating
- look like I'm pregnant after eating
- get extremely gassy in the afternoon
- have very bad breath (and yes, I brush and floss my teeth twice daily)

I'm trying to go gluten-free but I'm finding that quite difficult. Gluten-free bread is disgusting and many of the sweets I like contain gluten, so I'm still working on it! I have been eating a lot less gluten, and already I feel better. I no longer eat cheese or drink milk. I've also started Pepogest, not sure how that's affecting me yet.

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