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IBS suddenly worse!??
brokenmom2 posted:
My IBS-D symptoms have suddenly worsened in the past 6-8 months. Foods that I once could tolerate, now make me miserable for days! I could eat veggies (of course not the usual gas-producing culprits), but now if they are not completely cooked "dead" I am running to the bathroom and miserable! The least bit 'crunchy': forget it! I used to be able to tolerate a salad on occasion. Last month I ate one and when I had to run to the bathroom it seriously looked like my system hadn't even tried digesting it. ew.

Oatmeal? Nope. Fruit? Forget it! Chinese? No way.

And now I have extreme urgency when I get an attack. Before I knew it was coming, but it wasn't like I had to get to a bathroom NOW! Well, now it is like that- I'd better get to a bathroom pronto or I am afraid of having an accident.

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and been put on meds for that and for high cholesterol, plus taking fish oil and Lexapro (been on that for a long time). Wondering if the drugs or fish oil could be the culprit for the sudden change?
CalGal37 responded:
What type of testing did you have done that finally resulted in exclusion of all other condition and the diagnosis of IBS? Any food intolerance issues in your family? In some, they can seem to 'ramp up' very suddenly and every food you put in your mouth can seem to trigger IBS problems. Have you considered trying probiotics? For some they can be darned helpful and there are several good brands on the market now.

Many meds can cause bowel habit changes. That unfortunately can't be discounted. What meds are you taking for BP and cholesterol?
brokenmom2 replied to CalGal37's response:
You know, it's been so long ago, I don't recall all the testing....except maybe for the barium enema! ugh. I think it was mostly a diagnosis by elimination (no pun intended). Since then I have been taking care of it myself, since anything the doc said just made things worse (like eating lots of fiber) or they just didn't take things real I stopped talking about it.

I talked to my pharmacist the other week about my meds, and he seemed to think that the only culprit would be the fish oil. So I stopped them, and it seemed to work at bit. I also started taking Align, since someone on here recommended it. Still too early to tell if it makes any difference.

I think I am finally ready to try talking to another doctor about it. I've had just about enough.
barbarafromtucson replied to brokenmom2's response:
You know I had to go thru 7 or 8 doctors before I found one who didn't pass me off as having IBS when the 'standard' tests have all come out negative.

This is what my GI tells me--most gastroenterologists, including himself--are trained to look at the colon and the stomach. When all the tests (i.e. colonoscopy, stool tests, blood tests, etc.) come out negative, then they say you have IBS and then you get treated for the symptoms. However, most of the issues originate in the small intestine...that the small intestines need to be examined.

My doctor knows the insurance game--the tests/exams to look at the small intestines--insurance won't approve of right after the bat--so my new doctor has me repeating most of these tests--including endoscopy and colonoscopy--and then he can get the insurance to cover the other exams.

So you got to keep looking. Also ask your friends. If you go to church/temple/synagogue/etc.--ask people you see there for recommendations. You got to keep searching until you find the right one.

Good luck to you!
brokenmom2 replied to barbarafromtucson's response:
Thanks Barbara. Ugh. The thought of those tests again just make me shudder. Probably why I haven't seen a doc for this in 20 years. Finally made an appointment with my family doc for tomorrow. Maybe he will refer me to a gastro dr. We'll see. But so help me, if he gives me the "eat more fiber" speech I am outta there!!
carrs1234 responded:
Hey guys,

If you aren't taking probiotics, you should talk to your doctor about getting on them for IBS. For me this was the single-most helpful treatment. My meds weren't working and my doctor just wanted to keep trying new prescriptions. I honestly wasn't big into just popping another pill, so I asked around and found an integrative medicine doctor who told me that probiotics could really help. Has anyone else found them to be helpful? Also check out Mytavin, it's a free online calculator where you type in your symptom and it shows what vitamin you may be lacking. I just typed in irritable bowel syndrome and it showed that I may need probiotics. It's a pretty cool tool.

Janeilien responded:
After the birth of my daughter, i thought i had really bad heart burn and bad reactions to something I ate or ate as a part of my diet. I had attributed it to things that change because of pregnancy. So I made an appointment with a doctor who prescribes more herbal/natural supplements than prescriptions. He prescribed "Bitten Aid" which is a blend of probiotics, acidophilus, and other herbal supplements. Dosage 1, three times a day or as needed. I didn't need to take them for more than a week. They worked great. I also thought I was allergic to fiber but i actually was reacting from bran. I am fine with wheat. The probiotics worked great though that was about three years ago and since then I've had two episodes.

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