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Possible Tapeworm? or IBS Mystery Diagnosis
rikp87 posted:
I have been really sick the past year. I have been having extreme constipation on and off with diarrhea. All of this has been accompanied by an extreme excess of painful gas. I do become nauseous when my symptoms are worse, but I am never not hungry. I have not lost a considerable amount of weight and I would consider all of these things tolerable as I have not considered admitting myself to the ER yet. I am displeased not knowing exactly what is causing all of this. I was recently diagnosed with IBS, but I do not feel like that is an adequate diagnosis because it seems more like a general diagnosis to keep me form complaining.

I am now considering that I may have a tapeworm.
Can anyone tell me if this is in fact a tapeworm?
This is my second bowel movement in a row producing this strange rubbery chain.

Graphic photos follow...

calgal37 responded:
If you feel you may have a tapeworm, it's time to have some stool testing done. But with that form of problem, you'd typically have problems with weight loss.

What tests did you have done that ruled out all other conditions and resulted in a diagnosis of IBS? Were you checked for food intolerance issues. Many with problems resulting from the ingestion of dairy can have constipation issues - not the diarrhea that is so often heard about. Those who are unable to tolerate casein - the major protein in diary - end up with diarrhea. Lactose, the sugar that most are familiar with, intolerance results in diarrhea.
nomorecancer responded:
I know this is a fairly old post (3 years ago) although I wanted to see if you are still getting notifications for any replies. I recently passed an almost identical looking stool and wanted to know if you found out anything. How are you now? Any other related symptoms or has your doctor given you any answers?

nomorecancer replied to calgal37's response:
Many filarial infections (infestations) show no positive stool test. Often stool test are done to look for ovi (eggs) although frequently filarial infections (infestations) show no positive signs of ovi even when there is a definite parasitical infection (infestation).

The above image is definitely similar to many filarial infestations although I am not sure what type of worm this is.

Frequently what we believe to be just diarrhea is, in fact, large worms that have died off or broken free and passed in the stool. This is often caused by eating something that a worm disagrees with or a bacterial or viral infection that kills off the worm (or weakens it) causing it to release and pass in the stool with the appearance of what we call diarrhea.

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