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    Tried To Go To The Doctor Today, But...
    Janemarie55 posted:
    about an hour before my appointment time I started getting cramps and kept having to go and have a bowel movement, so I had to call and cancel my appointment. I was going to the doctor because out of the blue I will get cramps and have either loose stools or diarrhea that I can only control after about 3 hours taking Imodium. I've been keeping a food journal for over a month and this doesn't seem to be related to anything I eat. My last "attack" with the cramps and diarrhea was on 10/10, and I've been having normal BM's since then, up until today. Does this sound like IBS? Now, all I have to do is get into the doctor without having an attack. I've had about 6 of these out of the blue instances in the past 2 years. Now, I don't want to leave my house. Please, any ideas of what I can do? I am going to call the Dr. tomorrow.
    tim283 responded:
    sounds exactly like what i have, i have had this problem for over a year now, its gotten worse since i lost my job so it def seems stress related. i too was keeping a journal but it didn't seem help much but i did notice that cutting out foods with preservatives did. my last episode was Monday after a bowl of cereal.(i maybe lactose intolerant) . the pain was so bad it led to a panic attack. the doc prescribed dycyclomine Ive been taking fora couple days but it makes really tired so im gonna stop. the next thing im gonna try is a paleo diet. good luck to ya, i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.................
    barbarafromtucson responded:
    I hear you...I've had to cancel appointments because of having an episode.

    You have to fast for 24 hours before the appointment--eat as little as possible. You can use mapquest to map the route between your house and the doctor's office, and they have a feature that will show you where gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc. are in case you need to make a pitstop. That is helpful.

    Also...recruit a friend to go with you. I have a friend who goes with me--she helps me get my mind off the 'topic'--focused on something else. And if I start 'feeling' it...she can drive and I can lay down in the back seat, as being horizontal sometimes helps me.

    You can also get those Poise pads--they're in the section with Depends...but they're pads--they look like MaxiPads for giants...wearing one of those might ease your fear of having an accident. You can also get those incontinence pads or dog-training pads to put on the seat of your car, so if you have an accident, it won't evidence of it in your car. I usually travel with an extra pair of pants/underpants in my car too--so if there is any leakage, I can change into clean clothes.

    A bit of it is in your mind--if you can get your focus on something else, you can sometimes prevent being sick. It's a LOT easier said than done, and sometimes not avoidable. That's why taking precautions--mapping out pitstops, the pads, etc. can help make the trip more bearable and does help to ease the mind/fear.

    Each doctor appointment will get you one step closer to a cure. Keep us posted!

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