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Im scared! Ibs help? im only 16?
Madams123 posted:
Hey guys, for the past week or so i have been so bloated, my stomach feels tight and large, i can push it out far and it makes me look prego! i cant be prego though ive never had sex and i just had my period, unless sperm goes through clothes ha from grinding and dry humping. i have a small amount of ibs but this is the worst its ever gotten, last time i went to the doc the did and xray and all they found was dry feces backed up and they gave me stuff to drink everyday, i admit i havent been drinking it everyday cause i dont find it doing anything,when i push on my stomach its tender but thats prolly from the bloating, i have been taking chewable gasx it helps with the gasy part but im still bloated and kinda bleh feeling! any advice or help?! any advice would be apprecated! Thanks.
sheba_q responded:
If the med you were given hasn't worked then you should go back to the doctor and try something else.

How are your eating habits? This site has helped out a lot of people with IBS (you don't need to buy anything from her)
Healthy_IBS responded:
Don't be scared, you can do it. I have to let you all know about a new website for IBS, its completely an informational site, no adds noting, how do I know.... because my husband and I wrote it.

My husband & I have been devoting so much of our time and energy toward his IBS for those reasons exactly. Not only do the trips to the bathroom get old really quick but the pauses or stopping LIFE due to stomach pain and belching gets quite irritating and frusterating. My husband decided that since his IBS is so extreme that he wanted to share with as many people as he could what has helped him. Because of our lot in life we have also helped many through cancer and dealing with their hepatitis which has given us a totally new appreciation for life

Anyone with IBS, helps people, friends and family with IBS should appreciate the information my husband & I have been working on for the last several months. Believe me, he isn't 'cured' but life is MUCH more tollerable. We've posted everthing that has helped him as well as a bunch of recipes that he can eat when his tummy is not so happy. Please please look at what we've posted, its not a sales site, it's totally informational. The site is .

Let me know what you think, we made it for you!

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