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Irritable Zonk Syndrome?
An_242501 posted:
About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS. Aside from the constant discomfort in the left abdomen and kidney area, it was when the condition drove me to the Dr (yes, I'm a guy who's too tough [read: "stupid"> to go unless he has to) because of a reflux issue. Apparently, the colon was spasming so hard, the rest of the GI track shook violently enough to cause stomach acids to splash up, giving a burning burp.

Well, with a daily dose of PrilosecOTC and some Activia yogurt, I have managed to deal. In more recent times, with increasing regularity, I have developed a different problem.

I understand that getting older, sometimes you slow down and all the rest, but what I am experiencing doesn't seem normal. Every time I eat, without regard for what it is (excluding caffeinated drinks like I should anyway), within about 10 minutes of finishing my meal, my eyes dry out, my limbs get weak; so, I seek a place to stop and relax, and even as I am aware of it happening, without my consent, I loose consciousness for about 15 to 20 minutes - in something not unlike a deep sleep. When I awake, all my limbs hurt like I walked into a doorknob.

I keep thinking about how people go on and on about the tryptophan, and that it must be that getting older makes me more susceptible, but I can tell it has something to do with the GI. This keeps me from a lot of social meals, however. I am hoping someone can shed some light more than "consult your Dr". Thanks to any responses.
calgal37 responded:
I believe you need to look a bit further. If you've haven't already been tested for food intolerances or celiac disease, do so. Many celiacs go through the same symptoms of intense fatigue and joint discomfort in addition to 'brain fog' and rashes. But you don't have to have all clear-cut symptoms to have celiac or other food intolerance issues.

If you'd like to check out the celiac factor for yourself - because the blood tests for celiac are notorious for coming up with false negatives - take a look at the website. It's been a boon to many suffering with symptoms but a lack of diagnosis. Many celiacs - including my husband - got an answer that changed their life for the better.

He had that 'after eating I need to sleep feeling, or I'll fall down.' He went through all the standard tests and was told he was perfectly normal. Not! He's been gluten-free for a number of years now, and he's feeling good, but still deals with some of the left-over damage that was down due to late diagnosis.

I work in the medical setting and brought the test into the office when other tests were giving what clearly seemed to me to be false answers. In the last year we've had at least 10 persons with 'suspicious' cases that were finally resolved using the test from Enterolab for both gluten (gliadin) and casein (the major protein in dairy). Many celiacs cross-react to casein.

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