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post appendectomy pain
An_243022 posted:
I have had IBSC for 20 years. It got worse after 40 but I have learned to manage with diet and medication. Flair ups are usually consist of contraction like pain with naseau/ drive heaves for 2 to 12 hours and typically occur during my period. Anyhow, the pain tends to be high up on the abdomen. Well, I had an emergency labroscopic appendectomy 5/15 and still do not feel good. I am naseaus alot and have to watch what I eat or get very gassy or diarrhea-rare for someone with IBSC. I also have dull/throbbing pain where the appendix used to be-lower right side. I was told initially that was just the nerves in the area looking for the organ but that was only supposed to last the first 10 days. The surgeon checked me out yesterday and there is no infection so she thinks it is IBS? But it is very different than normal IBS pain. What might it be?
ohana37 responded:
I had similar pains and problems for years with IBS-C. Most flare ups would occur at night several hours after eating dinner--spent in bathroom with stomach contracting, dry heaves and terrible pain. Always ate a fairly healthy diet--avoided fast, greasy foods...twice went to ER for it and they couldn't find anything--they thought appendix both times but I still have it. Turns out after many years of suffering with that --my primary care doc and not GI Specialist sent me for abdominal CT scan---my gallbladder was loaded with gallstones! He was floored as was the specialist who did the scan--he even came out and cornered me--"I generally don't speak to people and just send info to your doc--but you DO NOT fit the typical profile --just looking at you of a typical person with gallbladder problems>"He too was shocked-I'm 5'5 and weigh 115 lbs--until the IBS-C bloat kicks in--ha! Not saying this is your problem but those were my EXACT symptoms--both times at ER I asked them to check gallbladder---"it's not your gallbladder!" Well--proved them wrong. Problem was also that my pain was mainly on left side--which is not the side associated with that diagnosis--either gallbladder or appendix. So just thought I'd share my experience. That was in 2006 --for a few years my IBS-C was much better but much to my dismay all my symptoms and constant constipation have returned. Just started Phillips Colon Health Pro-Biotic--tried few others with no Activia--does nothing but getting calcium--think I'm going to give that up--it's expensive and just not working for me.

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