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    A cure for IBS, Crohn's, and Ulcerative Colitis
    battleroyale posted:
    Any person who has had IBS will attest to the countless doctors' visits that bring an outcome no greater than a prescription. No dietary advice. Are they crazy? IBS is a direct result of an improper diet or intolerance to a certain food. Yet patients continue to return to their doctors because they offer some form of hope. Maybe one day a cure will magically appear. What if I told you that someone has found a cure? His name is Dr. Dahlman, and he is a chiropractor with a doctorate degree in Physiology. He has created general guidelines for a patient to follow depending on their symptoms and food intolerance results. The only downside is that most insurance companies will not cover any of the expenses (doesn't hurt to check). Dr. Dahlman has created a free online report for anyone visiting his website to download. He even boasts a 100% success treatment rate of Crohn's, Ulcerative Collitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The reports explain what is occurring in your body, and why it has happened. Most importantly, how you can fix it. So many people suffer from IBS, it's about time we collectively take a stand and find some answers instead of relying on various blogs and websites looking for answers from those who have suffered far too long. There's never a positive outcome on blog sites, and they only offer bleak results. Ignore those websites; they will only cause a lack of hope that will manifest itself in destructive behavior. A person cannot move in a positive direction with a negative attitude. Think of it that way. The brain and gut act accordingly to one another. If you treat your gut a little bit better, the brain will feel that much better. First off, start with a food allergy test. That should provide a patient with answers. Strange little fact, cow's milk has no positive effect on the body. If anything, it is destructive (read Dr. Dahlman's report). Don't even get me started on the "probiotics" found in yogurt. The traces are so minimal, that very few if any make it past the initial stages of digestion. Did anyone ever think that the culturization of yogurt may also kill the bacteria?
    -Here's to your healing
    steve44125 responded:
    hi do you have a web address for Dr. Dahlman.please let me know thanxs steve.
    battleroyale replied to steve44125's response:

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