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Putting 2 and 2 together
jujulang posted:
I haven't posted here in a while, but feel that with all my trial and error in self diagnosis, I wanted to share something I have discovered.
I have been on Prevacid for acid reflux for about 13 years now. 30 mgs was my daily dose for aboutthe first 5 yrs. I got vertigo from a virus that I thought caused all kinds of residuals. One of them being gastroeparesis. I was vomiting up undigested food in the middle of the night and no one could tell me why. Even though I had the gastric emptying and was advised it took me 90 minutes to digest what should have been gone in 30 minutes, but never any answer as to what to do about it. I decided to cut the Prevacid down to 15 mgs a day and the gastroeparesis seems to have gone away on it's own.
Now I am having some back issues which is not uncommon at my age, but decided to have B-12 level checked and guess what, it was low! So, after researching myself, seems that the proton pump inhibitors will deplete your B-12 . I am switching to the HCR- Zantac to see what happens next but I have a feeling it won't hurt anything , that's for sure! Why do the Gastro's insist on keeping us on these meds for years ? Don't they know what issues they can cause? I am so mad that I have to find these things out through my own research!
I had to vent in case someone else here has been going through something similar.
sheba_q responded:
Been there, done that, have the shirt. Early on in my ulcerative colitis days, I was being told that I shouldn't have fatigue problems anymore as my iron levels (which had been really low) were back to normal. I went looking around and found that low B12 can have that affect too, so I asked to have it checked. Do I need to say what the result was...

A lot of the time doctors are only looking at what's happening right this moment and try to fix it, without thinking ahead. Then the next time they see you they've forgotten about what happened last time. I've found a lot of the time I had to 'remind' the doctor about what's been going on with me.

It was only a few years ago I read about how people with colitis and crohn's tend to have low Vit D levels so I asked to have it checked with my next set of blood tests - lo and behold my results were low.

Thankfully the doctor I have now tends to think more holistically, ask how I'm doing, and look at her notes.

If you haven't had it done in the past, I'd suggest getting your vitamin/mineral levels checked. Along with B12 and iron, calcium and magnesium (they counter balance each other) and Vit D would be some easy ones to test. Also have you had your blood sugar levels checked (your 'that age' comment made me think of it).

Not too many people post on these boards nowadays.

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