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IBS w/constipation
smann68 posted:
I have IBS w/constipation and over the past 6 mos or so it has been getting worse.

On dr.'s orders, I was taking miralax everday and even though it gave me gas & bloating, it worked ok until lately. Now I can only go if I take a liquid laxative which is very hard on my reflux. It makes me nauseaus and VERY bloated. Then I can go as this turns everything into liquid.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also hold ALL fluids until everything else comes out.

This is all making me very sick. I was wondering if anyone else has/had this type of problem.

I have an appt w/my gastro coming up but I'm not completely confident that he will grasp how severe this has gotten.
calgal37 responded:
Smann88, have you tried checking into the possibility that intolerance to certain foods might be causing the problem? As strange as it might sound, many people find that there can be food triggers that result in bloating, reflux-like symptoms, fatigue and changes in bowel habits (both alternations and either diarrhea or constipation). The 4 'biggie' food groups are: gluten (wheat, rye and barley), dairy, eggs and soy products. An exclusion diet might be worth a try. Take out one food group - completely - for 2-3 weeks - and see what happens. If nothing changes, add that food group back wait about a week and then take out another food group.

You'd be surprised at just how many individuals find that their IBS isn't IBS but food intolerance issues.
smann68 replied to calgal37's response:
Thank you CalGal37! I had not even thought of that. I'll give it a try. Right now I'm on a dr. supervised diet that I can't deviate from but when I can, I will certainly give it a try.
Meeralee replied to calgal37's response:
hi, CalGal37, I recently found out that I can't eat wheat, all signs of celiac, but not tested for it, my doctor said I know my body and in the end if I was diagnosed with it, I would need to go gluten free, so I have. this has greatly helped with bowel issues, am at the best I have been ln years, the down side is have never had this much gas, my mid section bloats so fast after eating, a lady on the internet had mentioned how she had started taking papaya enzyme chewable tablets, God bless her, I no longer have a bloated feeling. I do continue to have gas and belching, have only been on the chewable tablets for three days hopefully this will pass too.
Thebearoness responded:
I have been suffering with const. for years ... used enemas, and laxatives, suppositories ---UGH ! A friend suggested I try Buffered (vitamin) C Crystals and it totally relieves the constipation within about an hour., It needs to be taken on an empty stomach so I take it first thing in the morning (NOT daily !) .... while it does not find or treat the root cause it DOES give me relief when I need it .... Over the years I have been to 3 Gasto/End doctors and haven't really been satisified ... have had colonoscopies, endoscopies etc etc .... Now I just try to live with it ...and the gas .....and the bloating ......was really glad to find this community ..!!!
smann68 replied to Thebearoness's response:
Hi Thebearoness!

Where do you find the bufered vitamin C crystals?

BTW, I just saw my gastro and he is putting me on linzess and some kind of daily shot to counteract all the meds that I take.

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