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    nausea due to please
    danigwizdala posted:
    I am 18 years old and was diagnosed with ibs when i was 9. Recently, last 2 months, i have suffered from severe nausea after eating. I am down to eating little to nothing a day due to this. I am on prozac and zofran to help treat the ibs. Lately it hasnt been enough. Eating even the smallest amounts of food are cause for severe nausea. I dont know what to do anymore. Please give me some suggestions to help. Im desperate.
    Ps. I gave up all carbonated drinks three years ago due to irritation of ibs. I avoid msg's, gluten, nitrates, sweeteners, eggs, tomato base products, candy, chocolate, greasy food, beef, and corn due to irritation of ibs for the past five years
    pawsns responded:
    So sorry about your trouble. I am right to assume that you also don't drink coffee? What kinds of foods are you trying to eat? Have you been back to your physician since things have gotten worse? That is always a good idea when things change.

    Cook yourself whole, unprocessed foods...vegetables like butternut squash, carrots, beets, potatoes. These have plenty of the soluble fiber that helps your IBS. Grain-wise: oats and rice are good for starters. Add to these, cooked green vegetables like spinach and chard and green beans. If they are OK, try broccoli and other greens like kale. Take care with cabbage.You can also try smoothies with fruit and greens, although take care not to use acidic fruits like pineapple or a lot of lime juice. What kind of meats do you like to eat? I am fortunate in that eggs go down really well for me (unless I over cook them.) And I do really well with beef. It has amino acids in it that are healing to your intestine, so I am sorry it is on your list of irritants. Sometimes is it good to go back and revisit foods since when you are flared, It can seem like everything irritates it.

    Soluble fiber is key. You may find a supplement with soluble fiber helpful, although some of them have wheat components in them. I really do best being sure to include enough in my diet. Then you get all the vitamins, minerals and micronutients that will help you be healthy.

    And sip water throughout the day.(warm could be comforting) and make sure to have satisfied any thirst before you even try eating. (Like at least 15 minutes before)

    I had symptoms of IBS from my late teens onward, gradually getting worse with bouts of vomiting at nights and feeling nauseous after eating. My first big improvement came with getting coffee and soda out of my life. I few years later I stopped dairy as I am allergic to it. This year, I have cut back on gluten, but not cut it out. I am still a that can still cause my IBS to flair.

    Hope things get better for you soon!
    danigwizdala replied to pawsns's response:
    Thank you. Nope no coffee for me. I hate the stuff. I am on a low gluten diet. Mainly i eat green beans, potatoes, non tomato based pastas and casseroles, chicken, fish, and i drink alot of water...and milk. Cereal such as honey bunches and oats, wheat bran, and honey nut cheerios are my usual breakfast choice or oatmeal. I occasionally indulge in fastfood such as subway and tacobell. I know to stay away from lj silvers, mcdonalds, and burger king. I have recently, within the last week, discovered that i like, and my stomach too, veggie dogs, veggie nuggets, and veggie buffalo wings. They are high in fiber but unfortunately have wheat gluten and mononitrites in them which can irritate my ibs. So i am cautious with how often i eat them. Any more advice, food options, recipes, etc. that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for the advice you have given me. I will have to try some of these.
    BettyOBlitzer replied to danigwizdala's response:
    I have pretty much given up on the wheat products, like the whole grain breads and cereals. I either buy white bread or oat. Same with cereals.....I only eat the ones with rice or oats. I remember reading somewhere that the wheat takes longer to digest, and it was better to eat things that digest in the large intestines. Also better to eat cooked veggies, and do be careful with the fast food! (I know....I love it too!!) If you don't take probiotics, try it. Also the fiber powder. I use 1 teaspoon a day in my coffee. I have made it a routine so I don't forget, but there is no taste or thickening at all with that stuff, so whatever works for you. It has been like a miracle for me...only a month so far and don't want to jinx myself!!
    pawsns replied to danigwizdala's response:
    Hi danigwizdala Hope you are having a good day. I am wondering, do you tend towards constipation or diarrhea.....or alternating? I agree with the reply you received today from Betty, saying to stay away from wheat.....especially your wheat bran. That is not the kind of fiber that is helpful for us and is really irritating for many people with IBS.

    I encourage you to go off wheat, white or whole, for a least a week, add it back in and notice if things get worse. If you want to really get into it - eliminate several things for a week, it could be more dramatic for you. Dairy is often hard, even if you aren't allergic to it like me. So, if you really want to go for it, eliminate gluten (including rye, barley and contaminated oats) , dairy, soy, eggs, and caffeine (including chocolate, teas etc.). Add things back one at a time (like in a day) and notice how you feel.

    Oatmeal is a very good option for you for breakfast. Try dicing up an entire peeled and cored apple into it with your desired flavoring....vanilla, cinnamon, maple, honey etc....and chopped walnuts if you do OK with nuts. For variety, try breakfast smoothies. Stay away from the processed cereals, although Cheerios have been very useful to me occasionally. I also eat eggs with a side of sauted spinach or green squash....but I know you listed eggs as an irritant. (The whites tend to be harder to digest.)

    A word about white wheat products - after I stopped dairy, my symptoms lessened, but I still had mostly pebble poop, alternating with diarrhea. I was using white bread, crackers etc, (because is it often suggested for us) to try to keep my tummy from hurting. I did a diet similar to what I outlined for you (mine was called a "cleanse".....I cut out a few more things and ate lots of cooked vegetables.) I discovered that those refined wheat products were perpetuating my problem. Most of the time now, I forget that I have/had IBS. I even discovered that at McD's, it is not the fatty, salty burger irritating me, but the bun. If I have to eat there, I get a double hamburger and a side salad. I remove the patties from the bun and cut them up on my salad. They only have one dressing I can use - balsamic vinegar. But it gets me by in a pinch, with no flare up. If you try it, don't eat fries, at least initially. I know they are potatoes, but there is stuff in dairy and who knows what else!

    Guess that is enough! I am trying to think of a a summer recipe for you. I can eat so much raw now....not a lot of cooking.

    Best wishes!
    Larry_Hoberman replied to pawsns's response:
    Dear danigwizdala: IBS is considered a multifactoral ailment, meaning many factors may contribute to your problem. Have you tried taking a probiotic to relieve your IBS symptoms? Studies have shown how probiotics can lessen gas problems and normalize bowel movements. I hope you'll give probiotics a try.
    danigwizdala replied to pawsns's response:
    Thank you for the advice. I have started on a fiber diet but it tends to irritate my stomach. I alternate between diarrhea and constipation. My ibs has been doing better. I have not been getting nauseated as much lately but i am still only able to eat once a day. I have tried probiotics such Activia and it tears my stomach up so i tend to avoid them. Any more advice is welcome. Thank you so much.
    calgal37 replied to danigwizdala's response:
    Danigwizdala, have you considered trying probiotics in a capsule form? Many people can't handle the dairy in a lot of forms and yogurt can be one of them. A probiotic in capsule form could get you past that problem.

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