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Is it ok to take Miralax everyday? My heart feels weird!
nicatl posted:

Seems like I have always had IBS. I guess I would be in the IBS-C category. I also recently found out I was highly lactose intolerant. Sure hated hearing that. Anyway,,a question for all that can help. My GI doctor put me on Miralax, a half lid full everynite and it worked WONDERFUL!! Finally a bowel movement everyday. When I went back to see him I asked him how long could I use Miralax and he said you can use it forever. Everynite! I don't have diarreaha, just regular movements. Well I looked around on some websites and have heard some good and bad things about it. My bowel movements are pretty consistant but he wants me to keep taking it for my IBS. I recently started having heart palpatations. Not sure if this is from the miralax or not. I'm not having diararrah or anything so its not an electrolyte thing. I'm seeing my Cardio dr. next week just to ask him but does anyone else take miralax on a daily bases and have you ever had any problems from this? I guess my GI doctor wants to keep me regular. I'm kinda scared with the fluttering of my heart and I don't want it to be the miralax especially when I have finally felt good in what seems like forever. Please,,let me hear your good and bad thoughts.
Thanks to all!!
calgal37 responded:
Miralax is quite safe to take for most individuals. It works by pulling water from the surrounding tissues into the intestinal tract and 'bulking up' the fecal material which, in turn, will stretch the walls of the intestine causing muscular contractions which will propel the contents further.

The one question I would ask your cardiologist is if small changes in your blood pressure might cause you a problem. Your BP is partly based on the amount of fluids you take in or lose. The flux of water from the tissues to the intestinal tract (and subsequently out of your body) will slightly change your BP, but it probably won't be a problem.

You also might want to talk to your doc about taking some probiotics. They can help normalize the intestinal flora and that in turn can in some individuals help to normalize bowel function.

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