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    I am having major stomach and intestinal issues. After thousands of dollars in test my GI still has no diagnosis.
    waconcept posted:
    I know that going to the internet with any health issue is a risk in and of itself, but I have seen some extremely intelligent responses on here and I am at my wits end. So here it is.
    First, What I know as fact. I have been diagnosed with Barrets esophagus, GERDs (gastrointestinal Re flux Disease) I have also been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I took a small intestine bacterial breath test and I tested positive for ecoli. (Which I acquired in Mexico and was under the impression it was taken care of with antibiotics.) My stomach has gas and is bloated almost 24 hours a day. I take 20mg of prilosec daily for my Barrets and GERDs. I take Probiotics daily (VSL #3) My GI put me on 550 MG Xifaxan 3 times daily for 2 weeks. Now I am taking 1 50 MG tablet of Erythrhomycin daily for the next 3 months. After a week on Erythrhomycin I feel no positive effects.
    Now, the problem that persists: Every single day I wake up with a bloated stomach. I am a 6 foot 175 lb male who has been thin my whole life. Over the last 6 months I've had a belly that sticks out almost like im pregnant, my nephew even commented on it recently. I have pain in my stomach all day every day. All the medicine I am taking has not helped. I have recently started the FODMAP Diet and it seems to help on with the bloating, somewhat, but the pain still persists. Has anyone dealt with this situation before?
    I am wondering if anyone has dealt with anything of the sort, and if so could maybe point me in the right direction. I am kind of losing my mind over this whole debacle and after all these tests im about to go broke and am still in huge amounts of pain, to the point where only alcohol gets rid of it and I am drinking daily after work, just to subdue the pain. I am not a big drinker normally, but I have found its the only thing that helps with the pain outside of pain pills.
    Thank you for your time and I really look forward to hearing any participation in this subject. Side note: I have an early schedule for work so I may not be able to respond to any questions later in the night, but rest assure, if this post gets any push, I promise to respond first thing in the morning. Thanks again for your time, it's much appreciated.
    calgal37 responded:
    Waconcept, what specific tests have you had done? What's your family history regarding any GI issues or other health issues? Any history of food intolerance, celiac disease or other? Any symptoms other than the bloat and stomach pain - and I'm assuming you are talking about the area specifically related to the stomach and not an area that would be described as corresponding to the small intestine or lower abdomen? Any rashes, brain fog, fatigue that hits like a rock, etc.

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