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IBS Seems to be Getting Worse...
patrick1945 posted:
My first time here...
I was diagnosed with IBS 5 yrs. ago. Dr. prescribed Hyomax SL--1 per day. Medication has generally been helpful, but, in the last 2 weeks, IBS has gotten worse. It hits after a bowel movement and, frequently after I eat. When it gets very bad, I take 1/2 Immodium tablet...that seems to quiet things down.

I have had no changes in my diet, stress levels or anything else that I can think of to explain the worsening conditions.

So, several questions;;;

1. Do most users of Hyomax use it once/Day ? I do and maybe I've become "tolerant" of it. Maybe I should use only when I feel an attack coming on.
2. Is it ok to use the Immodium as I have been ?

i should add that I also take peppermint oil tabs. 2x/day and have just started taking a pro-biotic tab at night before bed.

I've read that it's mainly women who suffer from IBS. Well, I'm a 65 y/o man and I have great empathy for all who deal with IBS. When it hits, it's not just my bowel that's irritable, it makes my behavior very irritable.

Thanks for any help and for reading my complaints.
earthtonegirl responded:
I'd check with your doctor before changing meds, but as far as I know, there's nothing wrong with taking Hyomax on an as-needed basis. I remember that I used to do that, and I'm pretty sure I looked into it before doing so - but "I Am Not A Doctor" as they say. I don't know if you can build up a tolerance to it, but it wouldn't surprise me.

I hope the probiotics help straighten out this flare, but if it continues, we'd be happy to brainstorm and see if we can figure out what's going on. We have many years of combined IBS experience around here, and probably more interested in it than your doctors are =)
patrick1945 replied to earthtonegirl's response:
Thanks Earthtonegirl.
Do you have any opinion regarding occasional use of Immodium? I have found a few things that have seemed to help in the last few days...
1. when i feel the pain starting, I drink several glasses of water over a few hrs. That seems to relieve the pain.

2. A glass of white wine in the early evening also seems to quiet things down.

3. If I exercise when an attack begins, that seems to help. Even walking for an hour or so is beneficial.

Thanks again.
MagPrincess replied to patrick1945's response:
Okay here is my thought

1. I am wondering if you might be either A. slightly dehydrated or B. not absorbing electrolytes effectively. So i would suggest trying to make your intake of water increase and throw in a gaterade or a powerade as well.

2. as for the glass of wine i think this could be multiple as well.
A. Stress reliever.
B. Muscle relaxer

Immodium is really meant for occasional use so I don't see how that could be detremental here. (funny-Haha I almost didn't think and was about to suggest trying Miralax Hahaha I obviously am Tired! lol)

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