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    It's Back With a Vengeance!
    patrick1945 posted:
    I first posted here a month ago and got some useful tips. One suggested using probiotics, which I began. They seemed to help quite a bit...after almost 3 weeks of greatly reduced symptoms, the IBS is raging again. About a week ago, after having a lunch out, I had an attack of diarrhea. That seemed to set the IBS cycle in motion again. The lunch was nothing special---just a small sandwich.
    Now, every time I eat, within 1/2 hour, the IBS hits and lasts for about 2-3 hrs. At ti,es, the pain is almost overwhelming. I've gotten to a point where I almost don't want to eat.
    In my case, here's what seems to help.
    1. sleep--it seems to shut down the digestive process

    2. a glass of white wine in the evening.

    3. lying facedown on the floor, trying to generate as much body heat to my midsection as possible.

    Doctor seems baffled, so I'm kind of left to my own devices.

    Any other help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Renny1985 responded:
    Can you remind us what testing you have had done?- what has been ruled out in order to make this an IBS diagnosis? Has anything CHanged in your diet lately? Any different meds? Sometimes probiotics can produce gas, but they shouldnt be CAUSing the diarrhea and pain.

    Have you tried a hot water bottle or heating pad. I am on a very difficult diet that seems to have helped my diarrhea.. if you want to give it a shot it is basically used for crohns, colitis, diverticulitis etc..:

    No seeds, nuts
    No uncooked veggies
    No skins (on fruit or veg):
    VEGETABLES:you can eat zucchini/squash skinned and well cooked; cooked potatoes and sweet potatoes (no skin); cooked carrots, mushrooms, (spinach is okay for some and not others), turnips, avocados, green beans
    FRUITS: canteloupe, honeydue melon, mango (not too much and not on an empty stomach).
    GRAINS: White bread, whole wheat bread (no seeds), plain pasta, white rice, orzo
    PROTEINS: I am a vegetarian so I am not so sure, but I am allowed tofu, smooth low fat organic peanut butter, hard boiled egg whites. My guess is a non-veg could eat chicken (not fried, no skin); fish, not sure about meats sorry (if you do the diet you could certainly post on the crohns board and ask about eating meats on this diet), hummus, beans pureed
    LOW FAT- nothing fried or greasy or oily
    NO ACIDS: no tomatoes, tomato sauce, citrus fruits, too much vinegar

    Try it out. It is very hard but seems to help. If you have questions let me know. I dont know how you do with dairy but u may want to cut it out entirely as it is very tough on sensitive GI systems.

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