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    Includes Expert Content
    Bladder Sling Problems
    defectivelady posted:
    I was diagnosed with a cestocele in Feb 2007. My ob at the time did a surgery to put a bladder sling in and told that would fix everything. After the surgery I was in more pain than ever before. I went back to him I don't know how many times telling him how much pain I was in and he blew me off saying it was just my endometriosis that there was nothing wrong with the sling. I finally started doing my own research and came across a website for urogynecologists and found one in my area who takes my insurance. I apologize ahead of time for being so vulgar but I want to know if any other females have had these problems. Once i healed from the surgery and began having intercourse with my boyfriend again I would be in so much pain during sex I would have to make him stop. He also kept telling me that I was squeezing him although I was not aware of it because I couldn't feel anything in my vaginal area. I would also bleed very bad after intercourse. I am in constant pain ever since the bladder surgery. I am bleeding all the time and most of the time its for no reason at all. I am on birth control that is supposed to stop your periods so I know that it is not a period. I went it to see the urogynecologist I found and he ran extensive tests on me including a pelvic exam and a few other exams. He said that the sling is messed up and was not done properly. It is pulled too tight and is rubbing against each side of my pubic bone, a piece of the mesh from the sling itself has punctured through into my vagina, and because it is pulled too tight it is causing me to have muscle spasms inside my vagina when I have intercourse that I can not feel. He said the sling will have to repaired and I am scheduled for surgery in a couple weeks to have it repaired. He also told me that he has several patience from the doctor who originally put the sling come to him with similar problems and he has had to go in and repair the slings because this doctor screwed up. Have any other females had this surgery and had these problems? This new doctor is very kind and compassionate and didn't blow me off like the other ones did and didn't tell me everything was either from my endometriosis or all in my head. I know the difference between this pain and my endo pain.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I am glad you have found a doctor that is willing and able to help with this issue. I hope this surgery helps repair the issue.
    Diane K Newman, RN-C, MSN, ANP replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    1 minute(s) ago Diane K Newman, RN-C, MSN, ANP responded: I was sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with your sling surgery. Sling surgery is performed in women or men who have stress urinary incontinence which is when a person leaks urine when laughing, coughing or sneezing or exercising. It is from pelvic muscle relaxation or a weak urinary sphincter. The sling material is placed in the middle part of the urethra, supporting it and adding some pressure so urine will not leak out when coughing, etc. From your email, it sounds as though you also had a cystocele which is commonly referred to as a "dropped bladder" or pelvic organ prolapse. Usually, if a woman has both stress incontinence and a prolapsed pelvic organ, then a sling surgery is combined with prolapse surgery. Speak with your urogynecologist about this.
    paininstl responded:
    I am so sorry your going thru this and i feel your pain. last november i had an ablassion, this caused me to bleed on a daily basis my gyn told me to wait to see him in the beginning of 2012.
    i went and got a second opinion, i needed a hysterectomy i also had a urodynamics test and was told i needed a bladder sling ( nothing was ever explained to me about possible issues or what it would do) so in decmeber i had the hysterectomy and the sling placed. a littel over two weeks later i was very sick i had a low grade fever so they thought UTI. i went into the office for a UA and went back home, the next day i tried to eat again( i handnt kept anything down for days) i couldnt keep thins down either and about an hour later i had horrible pain all over my belly.. i though it was bad gas so i took gas x and threw that back up.
    by this point i was curled up in a ball crying from the pain and i just couldnt move. so off the er! there at triage they told me i was hypotensive and tachycardic. my blood work showed that my white blood count was 22,000 the normal high is 9000. the ct showed i had a mass in my plevis, they called it a vagianl cuff abcess. ( september this year i found out i was in septic chock at that visit) this required surgery and a 5 day stay in the hopsital for IV antibiotics.

    months later still pain constant pain, i was also not able to have sex with my husband and made multiple trips to the er for pain and blood in my urine yet there was never bacterial growth in my urine. i told my surgeon i wanted the sling out and he said fine, went in for the surgery and when i woke up he had told my husband that he could not remove the sling as it had grown into the tissue around it. so he trimmed it up and loosened it up and that should do the trick. 5 days after that back into the er for sever pelvic pain the ct showed i had a 6 cm mass on my right side. guess what more surgery and a 3 day stay in the hopsital.
    with all these surgeries my S1 was herniated so i had to have surgeryfor that.
    i still cant have sex with my husband and there are days that i am in so muc pain my husband has to help me out of bed and to the bathroom and when i pee i feel like i am being stabbed. so back to to doc i go and once again there is blood in my urine and no bacteria. so he wanted to do a cytoscopy, this is where they incert a camera into your bladder and check for irritaion and blood and possible cysts. the inside of my bladder was perfect so he did a plevic exam and rubbed on where my sling is and it hurt like hell. my doctors diagnosed me with IC even though my bladder is fine, i kept saying i know it is the sling and he tells me it is not he wont remove my sling and wants me to start treatment for IC.
    i did my research and there are a lot of women out there who were diagnosed with IC and dont have it and it really is from the sling.
    i dont know where to go to have some one take this nasty sling out of me, my surgeon is the only one i can find in the area and is one of the best in the states..
    i wish you luck with your surgery
    if anyone else is reading this and going thru pain from their sling please talk to me, it would be nice to talk to some one in the same boat
    purpleangel01 replied to paininstl's response:
    In late June of 2011 i had a bladder sling put in for incontinence and my vaginal walls reinforced. I am a 44 year old young lady and had to have a partial hysterctomy at 25 due to moderate to sever displasia precancer cells. They say when it reaches sever its consider cancer.
    Thinking i was dam lucky to have lasted 17 years with no incontience problems or such i was going to get the sling. Had been depressed bc of the incontience problem and such so went ahead with the surgery.
    I have had continuies vaginal bacteria infection and last fall after a trip to the er was hospitalized due to a high white blood cell count. It was 16,300 and was in the hospital for four days on IV antibiotics. the doctors there where having major issues admitting to the reason for this.
    Just previously i had contacted on of the lawsuit lawyers so as you can imagine they didnt want to admitt to anything and none of them wanted to really treat me. The head nurse was standing behind the doctor that admitted me and while he was saying that none of my results have come back, the nurse interupted him and said yes it has doctor, and i was positive for a ui tract infection among other problems.
    Since my surgery i have had numerous UI test and like you they say that there is blood in my urine and no bacteria....
    They also tell me that the blood is normal.
    I am so frustrated from all this its crazy. I was just recently at my urogyn and she had to remove one of my permanent stiches which about sent me off the table as you can imagine because of the pain already there. I was also told they had found only a minamal amount of bacteria so they werent worried about it. That was Tuesday of last week, 9 days later im back in the er and the bacteria infection was so bad i was double over walking like a little old lady. So once again im back on the medicine.
    My boyfriend had told me that with all these infection its a turn off and you can imagine how that felt!!!
    So i sent a message to the urogyn office and im going back again to hopefully get this taken out.
    They have been told by me that i never had any of these problems untill my surgery and as with you its suposedly all in my head.
    I pray for you that they can find some way to help you and me both. I have no idea how to keep on living with this when it def affects ever aspect of my life. Very tired of being told how pale i am all the time and how sick ive been looking.
    abraun replied to paininstl's response:
    Please email me I would love to talk privately because I am in the same boat. I do not know where else to turn for help. The doctors just want to operate or give me medication. There seems no real end in sight!
    nibormk1 replied to purpleangel01's response:
    I know this was posted a couple years ago, but I'm having trouble finding recent posts about complications after TVM placement. I had a sling placed 5 months ago, and have had pain every since. I had an in office surgery to "release" part of the sling, and just 5 weeks ago I had partial removal of the sling. I am still in a lot of pain and no where near regular daily activity. Have you had an relief since the last posts?? I'm looking for any support.
    lvhearts replied to nibormk1's response:
    Hi, I had a bladder sling put in in 2010 for bladder incontinance. In the past 2 years I started to get a burning, stabbing pain. My pelvic felt like a burning, bloating feeling. Sex was severely painful. Last week I went under surgery to to trim the sling and release the pressure. After 5 days I feel worse and gave another UTI. My GYN tried to play off my vaginal pain and UTI to low estrogen. I'm so angry and feel dismissed casually.

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