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    September Roll Call
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    September has arrived and time for a roll call to better get to know you and your reasons for stopping by the community.

    So, share a bit about yourself, whether you have a suspected bladder problem, diagnosed bladder condition, incontinence, OAB, interstitial cystitis, or other question about urinary health.
    JimG28 responded:
    Well, here goes,

    My name is self explanatory, its Jim. I have been diagnosed Urge Incontinence with OAB. I guess the commercials with the familar jingle of gotta go gotta go pretty much described my life. Sometimes it came on all of a sudden and I would have no control and just empty myself. With my wife's urging, I went to my General Practicioner, at least he listened. His disgnosis was OAB...which was fine, now I knew the cause. Prostate Cancer runs in my family...and the test came back negative..another plus. Of course we had to have the other exam, I didnt know that 20% of all Prostate Cancers are missed with the PSA test. Negative again...phew. He gave me a medication called Vesicare 5mg as well as a script to the Urologist. After enduring the battery of Eurodynamics including the Cystoscopy which was the flexable one I may add where nothing should be put, they agreed but my symptoms pointed towards Urge. The actually took video to watch it spasm...I did not like the feeling of being filled to over made this even more uncomfortable and the fact that after the test you have NO control whatsoever for a while. Now, The medication takes two weeks or better to begin really noticing a difference. I asked the dosage to be increased to 10mg and what a life changer it is. I no longer have to wear a plastic type brief, but rather pull up. I prefer the Depends underwear, its perfect for my needs. I have to deal with spasms every once in a while as the medication works, but alas its not 100% effective. But being the positive person I am, I guess life could be a lot worse. I saw my grandfather die from prostate cancer....I dont want to die a young age like he did. So basically once a year I have to endure the tests and if its a life saver, so be it. Having to wear a pull up isnt so bad considering I was wearing the maximum Protection and going through 2 a day. Now I am usually dry, but I have my moments where I can feel it coming on vs. before when it just came on so strong that I had to empty myself then and there. The medication gives me constant DRY I suck on hard candy or halls. The other issue with the medication is I have to watch when I am outside in the heat as it prevents me from sweating like I normally did. I have to keep myself hydrated...which in turn causes me to have to go...but i can now 80-90% of the time make it to the bathroom without any real wetting accidents..another plus....I apologize if I rambled on, but, I am glad to have found this site. Thanks for listening everyone and have a Great Day

    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to JimG28's response:
    Congrats for going to the doctor and getting checked out and following through. I am glad the meds are working for you--sorry about the side effects though.

    No problem on the rambling! Glad to read it.
    JimG28 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Side effects are tolerable. Meds gave me my life back, so I cant really complain. I am still striving for 100%., but like I said it could have been cancer.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to JimG28's response:

    Helpful Tips

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