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An_239442 posted:
Omfg f my life im a 13 year old girl and i take dance and obviousllyy go to school and i have this and i hate my life so much i pee myself almost everywhere its so embarassing i want to kill myself. i always prevent it and walk sideways, backwards, change my pants, use pads (dont help lololol) nothing works i hate it omg it even happens in public places. this happens ONLY when something is funny. nothing else. i dont wet my bed, nothing. i just laugh too much and i have these amazing hilarious friends who make me piss myself. i tried kegal exercise crap, nothing.i also masturbate which i thougght wouldbe the cause but its not. yaaay incontinence lol jk i hate everything
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome An_239442 and thanks for posting. I'm sorry you're having symptoms that sound like it could be Stress Incontinence . The article says "Examples of the kinds of activities associated with urine leaking include laughing, coughing, lifting, or exercise. The leakage may be as little as a drop or two or may be a "squirt" or even a stream of urine."

This article notes that Women who Play Sports can have problems with it. Since you mentioned dancing, I thought you might want to read this, too. This article about being at the Gym with Incontinence says, "Small leaks can occur whether you're a teen or a woman in her 20s and upward. Often incontinence starts after childbirth or as the result of athletic injuries."

It's important you talk to your parent or guardian about this. Print out one of the articles if it would make it easier and say, "Mom (Dad, etc.) I'm having problems with this and it's embarrassing me. I want to get some help for it."

Been a teen is tough enough without having to worry about peeing every time you laugh. I had a friend in high school who had the exact same problem as you and we were best friends all the way into our 30s. Real friends won't care, but so you can feel more confident and comfortable, do get some help.

You may need to see a urologist, who is a specialist in bladder problems, but there's definitely help for you.

Update us on how you're doing,


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