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    How safe is interstim therapy?
    oabsuffer posted:
    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW SAFE IS INterStim therapy? I travel on a plane once a year will I have problems at the check point? Will this therapy affect future test like MRI/CT scans? Please let me know I have to make a decision about accepting or not accepting the therapy.

    Thank you.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome OABSuffer and thanks for posting.

    I would suggest a couple of things to get some other points of views.

    One would be seeking a second opinion from another urologist. Secondly, would be calling the FDA and see if they've had complaints about InterStim and what they are.

    You can speak to the doctor recommending InterStim to you and find out if it will be a problem for MRIs. You can also call your local hospital's radiology department and find out if there are any concerns with scans and InterStim.

    Finally, for the airport check point issue, I would call your local airport and ask to speak with their TSA airport security representative. They may advise you to carry a note from your doctor.

    Here's some information about InterStim , sponsored by Medtronic, so it's not unbiased. They have this information here: "For further information, please call Medtronic at 1-800-328-0810 and/or consult Medtronic's website at ."

    Hopefully one of our other members who has had an experience with InterStim will share, too.

    Let us know what you decide,

    Healthy_Mama68 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I've found a number of helpful resources on WebMD related to the specific topic of interstim therapy, which I didn't even know whas an option. While I still share some of the same safety concerns as oabsufferer, I am cautiously optomistic that this might be the right solution for me at this time but have many more questions.

    I've been troubled with overactive bladder for a number of years and the approach of simply increasing my medications just hasn't seemed to work...

    I was surprised to see that you can actually get a trial for this device to see if it would even work (more on the trial here: ) This trial option might help reduce the concerns for others, as it did for me?

    I think the best source of information will be my doctor, but I am curious to see if anyone out there has had the thereapy and wether it worked or didn't work for them and would be willing to share their experience...
    blubase42 responded:
    I have had had an interstim therapy device from Medtronic since March of this year. You have to let your doctor know before any EKG's or etc. As for check point issues; I have not flown yet with it but they do give you an identification card in case there is any questions regarding your device setting off security. If your have any other questions just ask
    blubase42 replied to Healthy_Mama68's response:
    Yes I currently have an interstim device in me for the past 8 months. Prescription drugs did not work and with the help of a medtronic employee this has. The procedure is kind of scary. I am only 28 and have been called very young for this kind of medical problem. But after my 27th bday I fought with oab for almost a year.
    Healthy_Mama68 replied to blubase42's response:
    Thank you blubase42 for your response! While I have not yet taken the step to go through with the trial I have discused Interstim with my doctor, who believes it might help my situation.

    If you are comfortable sharing, I'd be curious to learn how having the device has changed your life?

    Also, since you seem to have been in a similar place having tried medication that didn't work, I'd be curious to hear whether, if you had to make the decision for interstim again you would still make the same choice to have the procedure?
    blubase42 replied to Healthy_Mama68's response:
    Hi Healthy_Mama68, This device has changed my sleeping pattern tremendously for the good. I would get up 7 times a night. Trying to deal with everyday tasks was very difficult. Night is when it is the worst for me. Now I do have some nights when I will get up like 3 to 4 times but this is rare. Even though it toke 2 surgeries to actually get the wire placed in the right spot and a 3rd to implant the device I think I would still make the same decision. Not being able to get sleep or do things because you always have to go to the restroom is hard. I do still have to watch my caffeine and alcohol intake and try to stay hydrated but overall I am glad I did. You do still have to be a little cautious on some things. For example, the gentleman that worked with me from Interstim (who was so awesome I might add) told me that some things could interfere with the wire and it may move. There was a lady I guess that went out fishing on a lake and they hit alot of waves and it was very rough waters anyways it did move the wire some and also you should be careful to avoid falling hard like on ice or etc. You still must be a little cautious of these things. I am rambling on now but when the medicine wasn't working, don't get me wrong it would help a little but still urinating 14 times a day with side effects was just not good enough for me and I was willing to try anything. Also I guess some people use a combination of the medicine and Interstim as well. I hope I helped.
    blubase42 replied to blubase42's response:
    Correction: It was suppose to say 7 plus times and 14 plus times a day in my reply above
    HUMMINGBIRDMOM replied to blubase42's response:
    I was 19 when I had my first Interstim implant put in. Since then I have had one replaced due to infection and one replaced due to a low battery. I have no problems at plane checkpoints, just have to receive a patdown or go through the xray machines. No MRIs, but CT scans are fine.
    An_243879 replied to HUMMINGBIRDMOM's response:
    Can I ask how long you have had yours and were your infection was?
    October replied to HUMMINGBIRDMOM's response:
    Hi - my daughter is 17 and is thinking about getting the Interstim implant. Can you tell me how you are doing with it? And if you would still recommend it. She is very active and I have read that some folks have had movement in wires and the implant itself. How big is the scar? And how much pain were you in after the surgery? Most people are so much older but since you are just two years older, I thought I would get your opinion. Any input would be appreciated.
    zippyzippydog responded:
    I have an Interstim therapy device and it is not a cure all. It does help, but I still leak and have to use catheters daily. I also do not have very much fat on my backside, so my device sticks out. It gets caught on things when I sit and it hurts when I sleep on the side that it is on. I absolutely HATE my device, but it is better than no having it at all. So frustrating!
    hollyandbobby24 responded:
    Hi, i'm 29 and have had the interstim for a year and 4 months now. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I would say my problem has improved to 98% and my self esteem has gone up so much. I have been on a air plane twice since the surgery at a smaller airport and a very big airport. I showed them my card and was able to go through security with no problems. The one thing they told me I can't do that I was sad about is horseback riding. I hope this helps
    Mayin replied to zippyzippydog's response:
    I have been thinking of having an interstim implant. My bladder control symptoms are not too bad and presently I'm taking medications for it, which has help quite a bit, but have been experiencing some side effects from the medications but so far I have been able to tolerate them.I am schedule to visit my doctore soon. At which time I will make my decision whether I want to go go for a trial assesment. After reading your comment, I wonder if having this implant is worth it. I'm sorry you have to wear catheters, are in pain and frustrated.

    May I ask how old you are?
    Have you consulted your doctor with the problems you are experiencing? Maybe the doctor have some other options for you to try. I wish you good luck.
    tracy6878 responded:
    I had my trial implant put in Friday and I go back this Friday to have it made permanent. It's not a cure all but it is helping! It takes some getting used to, but I have IC and nothing was helping so I will gladly accept all it can offer and make the most of it. I def recommend you try it, there is no other way to really know if it will help you or not. It's worth the time to give it a shot!

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